Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March 2016 Overview

So far, March has been the worst month this year. For the first week, every day seemed to be the new "Worst Day Ever" for me for a lot of different reasons. Not to mention the weather being really weird and temperamental to help bring me down.

I was offered an internship position at a zoo in another state that I also interviewed for. To update you a bit on that, I haven't heard back from them yet about the position but my Parents (mainly my mom) still aren't on board with the whole thing. I also applied to an actual job working at the Zoo that I did my volunteering and my previous internship with. For the most part, I only applied because my dad found the position and thought that I should. I love that Zoo, and I've loved all the time that I've spent there, but I feel like they won't pick me because I've been there for so long - and because I haven't completed my education here at college yet. I know that everything will work out, and that I'll be happy as long as I'm working with all the animals that I love, but having this up in the air like my housing was just makes me stressed.

Spring Break happened! I stayed in my little college town and worked the whole week. I also spent some time with my mom who decided to come up here to see me! We explored around the area and took a day trip to the closest larger city. The highlight of my spring break, other than being able to earn a paycheck, was when my mom and I went to a wild animal park that's a few hours away where I got to participate in some of the animal encounters that they offer! If there's one thing I'll always be willing to do it's animal encounters! This may not come as a surprise, but I'm really comfortable being around wild and exotic animals. I have a respect for them so that I won't get myself into trouble as is common, but I'm not afraid to be around them.

I finally finished the training process for my job a the end of this month! I've been doing one of the shortest routes, and I normally average about 5-15 tickets per shift (I work 2-3 hour intervals every day). Although, at one point I wrote 40 tickets in one day because a bunch of people were here for some event that was going on and none of them paid for their parking. For the most part, I love my job and I love being able to be outdoors and walking around with a purpose. However, I don't like confrontation... I'm getting better at it with this job though! Not everyone is very excited when you write them a parking ticket or when you put a boot on their car...

I picked up yoga again this month, and I fell in love with it all over again! I found a really good YouTube channel with yoga videos that have made it easier for me to do because I don't have to make time for a class! Don't worry - I am going to do a post about it soon! My mom has also gotten hooked on this channel, so it's been a good topic of conversation for us. For Christmas, I signed my mom and I up to do a yoga class together, and it was probably the most fun we've ever had doing something athletic - which may not mean very much considering we don't normally do athletic things because we're both just not athletic.

How was your March? Let me know what exciting things you were able to do!

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