Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Professor Pet Peeves

Over the course of my first year at college, I've had several different professors that I've liked as well as professors that I haven't liked. This is basically going to be a list of the things some of my professors have done that really bother me! These are my Pet Peeves with College Professors.

  1. Follow your Syllabus! As a student, I have so many things to keep track of, having to keep up with your changes to the Syllabus every week make me really frustrated! When I haven't turned in a paper because you changed the due date 4 times you best believe I'm going to show up at your office hours to get you to let me turn it in
  2. You can't get mad at your students for having low grades when you're not posting our grades so we can see where we need to improve
  4. When someone asks a question, don't start with "In higher learning, this is how you'd answer it" because that isn't helpful AT ALL
  5. You don't have to apologize for swearing in class, it makes everyone feel more comfortable because it makes you seem normal
  6. Doing in class quizzes doesn't make people want to some to class, everyone just shows up at the end of class to take the quizzes
  7. Keep in mind that most students are in several other classes as well as working, so when we're trying to set up a meeting with you please be as accommodating as you can be
  8. Why did you make me buy these textbooks when we never even open them!?
  9. If you want to be my favorite teacher, you have to be enthusiastic about what you're teaching! If you're not excited about the info, then I won't be
  10. Make sure your microphone is turned on! Just because I'm not in the first 4 rows doesn't mean I don't want to be able to hear you

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