Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April 2016 Overview

April was a crazy busy month for me, and it was full of so many ups and downs!

I did a 30 Day Challenge here on my blog where I posted almost every single day (feel free to go back and check those out if you missed them). I applied and was turned down for a job at my local zoo as well as being turned down for an internship at the zoo in my boyfriend's home state. A high point would be that I registered for classes for the Fall school year here at my school.

More recently, my office had an Employee Appreciation Banquet (the free food was the main reason that people were willing to hike over their during lunch). For college students who are running out of money on their meal plans, Free Food is a huge motivator. In my opinion, I think that's why most of the greek houses have end of the year bbqs for all of their members.

The best part of April was finishing all of my classes. Well... Finishing the lectures and labs (Tomorrow I'll have my first final exam, which is when I'll be officially done with my classes).

On the 29th, I decided to change to being in Double Major which is a huge deal! I'm not sure whether or not I'll regret choosing this in the future, but for right now I'm so unbelievably excited about it! I'll do a post all about that decision later if you'd like!

Other than being jam packed with a whole bunch of stress and last minute school work, April doesn't seem like it was that full looking back on it.

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