Thursday, May 12, 2016

Back Home

I know that I missed posting my 4 Month Resolution Update because Finals Week got ahead of my and for the first time in a long time my blog fell at the bottom of my list of things to do. The post on Tuesday (Things I Learned My First Year of College) was written over the course of the school year, so I'd already written a majority of it and had it scheduled ahead of time.

My parents came to help me move my things out of my dorm room and the day after we moved me out we drove back home. The very first thing I did when we pulled into the driveway was run inside to see my pets! Then, almost as an afterthought, I went back out to help carry my things inside.

It feels really weird being back home... Even weirder than when I was home for a long break from school. I'm at home, but most of my stuff is in boxes and bags in storage areas rather than in my room and I don't really have any stuff established anywhere permanent. There have been several times when I've thrown myself into a panic thinking that I needed to start getting things ready for the Fall Semester because I was going back soon (which isn't the case, I'm not going back to school until August).

My job search has been going on in full force, and I've received a couple of interviews. The main thing that's made me frustrated is the fact that a lot of the places send automated emails setting up interviews but they don't give the location of the store where you'll be going to the interview. This may seem unnecessary, but where I've been applying to the same jobs a multiple different store locations I'd rather not show up at the wrong one and make a fool of myself by trying to talk to the wrong manager. I have done that before - it doesn't make them very excited to hire you.

 Things also hit the ground running when I got home because one of my closest friends is going to leave the country voluntarily for 18 months and we only have 2 weeks to help her get everything that she needs together so she can leave in July because she's doing so many other things the rest of the summer that she won't have time to shop. I don't think that I've ever shopped so much for someone else in a week in my life! I don't even think I've shopped that much for myself in a week!

My boyfriend and I have been trying to work out his trip up here, but my mom is proving to make the planning a lot more difficult... She'd not very excited about the fact that I'm dating him, but I know that she'll like him once she actually gets to know him. That's probably why I'm so determined to get him up here again. However, I am said that I still haven't met his family because I still haven't been to where he lives. Hopefully that'll change in the near future.

I've also been having a hard time recently because my grades for Spring Semester were posted - revealing my worst nightmare... I didn't pass my math class. I'm not sure what this means for me, since I'm too late to take it in summer school. I'll need to figure out what it's a prerequisite for and redo my plan for my classes... It's going to be trickier now that I'm planning on double majoring because falling behind in my prerequisites will mess up my whole plan.

It's basically not Thursday anymore, but I'm going to consider this a Thursday post... I'm one of those weird people who views days as the times between sleeps, so because I haven't slept yet it still feels like Thursday to me. Tomorrow I'm mainly going to be making strawberry jam with my mom, so I'm hoping that it'll give me some time to relax and think because I've been so all over the place. I'm hoping that the summer only gets better from here (i.e., I find a job, my friend gets everything she needs at exactly the time she needs it, and I'm able to keep up with this blog and social activities like I want to).

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