Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Feeling Like Summer

The past couple of weeks have been really full of a whole bunch of stuff that was unplanned. To this day, I still haven't fully unpacked all of my things from college because I haven't had the time to.

So far, I've only had one night that really made me feel like it's the summer.

It was an 80 degree day, and a few of my friends were able to get together at my house for a girl's night. We roasted marshmallows in the fire pit in my backyard and talked for hours! There was a wasp that, at one point, flew straight into the fire, and a spider that tried to crawl into the bag of graham crackers. We talked about our plans for the summer and realized that most of us wouldn't be able to see each other again for a long time just based on how our plans were panning out.

 For the rest of the night (it went until about 10:30, which isn't very late), we didn't talk about our summer plans and just focused on having fun in the moment. We played Jungle Jam (a card game that they discontinued - if I could find a copy of it online I most definitely would buy it, it's the best) and got really aggressive and into the game! We just kept playing it and laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Up until we started making s'mores, it didn't feel like it was the Summer to me. I probably ate ten times as many s'mores and chocolate bars as I should have, and laughed until my stomach hurt, but it all made me feel like Summer really is here!

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