Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Things I Learned in my First Year of College

  1. It's never too late to do homework
  2. You'll do your best work in the laundry room waiting to wash your clothes
  3. The walk is worth it for cheap Ice Cream
  4. A few points are better than no points
  5. Drink water
  6. It's always a good time for a Rug Nap
  7. Play Go Fish in the cafeteria until they kick you out
  8. Invest in a mini fridge that has a real freezer
  9. It's okay if you can't remember everyone's name, they don't remember yours either
  10. Sometimes, you can eat too many cookies
  11. It's okay to call/video home every day
  12. Getting overwhelmed is normal, don't let it discourage you
  13. "LOOK! I'M DOING IT! I'M ADULTING" is an appropriate thing to say
  14. Don't be embarrassed to call your mom to ask which of your clothes can be washed together
  15. Say no when you don't want to do something, you don't have to have a good explanation
  16. You won't actually study in your study group, you'll gossip and argue
  17. Your best work will be done right before it's due
  18. The library isn't as scary as you think, the librarians aren't going to judge you
  19. Some of your best friends will be the people you meet while waiting in lines
  20. Chocolate Bars are worth it. Always.
  21. Going to school events, even when you're tired and are scared of people, is worth it for the memories
  22. Befriend people who have cars so that you don't have to ride on the buses that make you sick
  23. Keep a cup on your desk with a piece of paper for catching bugs that come into your room
  24. Stamps, Stamps, Stamps! You won't get mail if you can't send any
  25. Surprise your across the hall friends with tiny pumpkins and small boxes of cereal just for fun
  26. You're not failing if you wake up one day, or several days, and feel like you can't adult
  27. After midterms end, cake and cookies are the best way to celebrate
  28. The 24 hour library will become your best friend
  29. Make time to be alone
  30. It's okay to cry when your mom comes to visit you for a weekend
  31. Sometimes the worst grades you'll earn will be on the things you worked hardest
  32. Sleeping outweighs studying past midnight
  33. Being home for a long break feels weird
  34. Print as much as you can while you're home 
  35. Stay up until 3am with your friends, in the long run it's worth it
  36. Be HONEST in your course evaluations
  37. Sometimes caffeinated beverages are the only answer
  38. Don't be afraid of tutor or asking for help, everyone wants you to be successful
  39. Invest in Netflix 
  41. You can never listen to music too often
  42. Finals are really hard, and everyone knows it, so no one will judge you for sleeping on a bench or in the library on top of your papers
  43. Be nice to everyone, especially when they're not nice to you
  44. Tell the important people in your life why they're important people to you - they most likely don't know
  45. Sleeping for a million hours is the best thing to do at the end of the year when you're finally back home again for the summer

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