Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book 4: "Looking For Alaska" by John Green


I was initially drawn to this book after watching John's video about its banning. The whole idea of books being banned is really interesting to me because I don't understand how people can be so opposed to a book that they'd take the time to get it banned. If I don't like a book then I just read a different one and move on with my life!

Looking For Alaska was hard for me to get through mainly because it's so similar to All the Bright Places. I think that if I hadn't read the two so close together that I would have enjoyed this book much more because they do seem to have about the same plot line. This book involves high school age students, mental illness, drugs, and (although unclear in the book) suicide.

Despite having several well written parts, I never found myself staying up late reading this book, and I never cried while I was reading it despite some of the harder topics it covered. Compared to All the Bright Places, this book missed the mark. However, if you don't want something as sad or as easy to get emotionally invested in then you should read this book.

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