Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016 Overview

May has been a really rough month for me! However, I finished my first year of College which is a huge accomplishment for me!

Unfortunately, I failed my math class... Well, not failing per say... I got a D. Math really isn't my strong suit.

This one class pulled down my GPA to where I'm unable to keep my academic scholarship and it puts me behind in the classes I'm taking because this math class is a prerequisite for several of my classes. I went there an appeals process with my grade in an attempt to boost it slightly, but I lost. I've also emailed the paperwork to try to convince the board to allow me to renew my academic scholarship. For the summer, I'm going to retake the math class to *hopefully* get a better grade in the class to be able to stay on track with the rest of my classes- which is vital now that I'm going to be double majoring!

In May I've also been applying for jobs left and right without much luck. There's nothing better than getting several rejection emails a day from various businesses who don't want to hire someone for the Summer. I've also gone in person to apply for several jobs, and only a few of them have called me back. I have high hopes that one of those is going to work out... My dad calls me several times a day telling me about jobs that he thinks I should apply for, and I appreciate it, it's just getting kind of annoying. I've been finding and applying for most of the jobs on my own, it's unnecessary to tell me about all of them again.

I also got to see my friends for a fun night of s'mores and card games, which was the most that this has felt like the summer to me. One of my friends and I did a lot of shopping together before she headed out, which was really nice!

May has also been full of lots of binge watching Netflix and reading! This month I'm going to be putting up several posts about the books that I've read, so look forward to those - they're going to be great!

What was May like for you? Let me know!

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