Thursday, June 2, 2016

MY FIRST COMMENT!!! and technical difficulties....

Extremely early this morning I got an email saying that someone commented on my post "The Chance to Travel?" and I was beyond excited because this is the first comment anyone has ever left on my blog!

However, it then led to a stressful morning as I couldn't figure out why the comment didn't seem to be appearing in the comments section... I'm not very skilled with technology so there's probably something something simple that I'm not doing that would fix the whole thing. When my boyfriend is off work I'm going to see if he can figure it out...

Basically, the reason I'm posting this is to give her a little bit of a shout-out because I wasn't able respond to her comment because I haven't been able to see it...

I went on her blog and even though she hasn't posted very many things yet, I like what she has so far! There are also several things that I have in common with her - like being allergic to face paint (I have super sensitive skin, which is kind of annoying), having a brother(s), and loving Zoe Sugg (and her blog). I also love the layout of her blog, although it took me a bit to figure out how to comment.

Go on over and check out her blog, and be sure to check back in later today for my "May 2016 Overview" at 2:30 PDT!

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