Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Worst Summer Ever? - A Life Update

This post is going to be a bit rambly and really negative sounding, so if you're not in the mood for a post like this then check back on Thursday for a new post.

Alright, now we're all invested and ready.

At the start of the summer things were off to a rocky start because I found out that I got a D in my math class and had lost the ability to renew my academic scholarship. In an attempt to stay on track with my classes, I started a summer/online version of the same math class to earn a better grade to be able to keep my fall 2016 classes as they were. To my dismay, the school system dropped me out of the math class I'd signed up for for the fall because the computer program wasn't aware I was retaking the previous math class already. I emailed all of the appropriate people and haven't gotten a reply, so by the looks of things I may have to rearrange my classes for the fall anyway. 

I've also been having a hard time with my online math class because the program will randomly shut down or stop working. Even though the course is online, all of the unit exams and the finals exams are done via a proctor in person. There are only two proctor's in my area, and neither one of them has answered my calls or emails. My goal was to finish the class in a month so that I'd have time to have a portion of the summer that didn't involve something school related, but unless I can get a proctor to let me take the exams I won't be able to finish it that early. 

With my pets, both of my female guppys appear to be pregnant. I've set up a second tank in which I'll place the fry, which is all well and good. The only thing that went wrong is that I don't have a hood for the second tank, so when I had it filled up properly the filter was spraying a little bit of the water out. At first it didn't seems like a big deal to me - a few drops of water never hurt anybody. But I got up and found that over night the water droplets had accumulated on the table, which just happened to be where my laptop was sitting. I dried it off and it seems to be okay, but a broken laptop is really not something I wanted to add to my list.

Since I've been home I've been dealing with mites that have been in my Hermit Crab terrarium. I've been doing everything they tell you to to get rid of them, but nothing seemed to be working. After a trip to a different pet store than I usually go to I purchased a "mite guard" - a powder that you put where the mites typically hide in order to kill and prevent them for up to 3 weeks. The container stated in several places not to breath it in, get it on your skin or in your eyes, and not to ingest it. This worried me, because I didn't know what would stop my crabs from getting it on themselves or ingesting it. I also worried because the terrarium is meat to be humid for the crabs, but it would basically be thick with the mite guard and they'd breath it in... Long story short, I'm not sure if I'm basically killing my crabs in an attempt to have them be healthy by killing off the mites.

I still haven't been able to find a job. I don't understand what's so wrong with me that literally every place I apply won't have anything to do with me. Almost every day I'm getting reject calls or emails, and then my parents come to tell me about more places that I should apply because I need to try harder. At this point, they've started telling me about jobs I should apply for that are in the next town over - which would be counter productive because I'd use every paycheck I got to pay for the gas to be able to drive there. I had one job interview that seemed promising, but considering how things have been going on the job front I don't think I'm very likely to be picked.

For the past several months I've been taking an acne medication because acne it something that I've always had a hard time with. However, one of the potential side effects is heartburn... The heartburn I was getting was so bad that over-the-counter medications for it weren't working and I was losing several night of sleep because of it. I ended up stopping taking the acne medication to get rid of the heartburn, but now I'm back to dealing with all of the acne. I'm hoping to be able to find a happy medium between the two where I'm still able to sleep, but it'll depend on what's available and what I can afford.

So far, I've mainly been looking forward to my chance to travel and the prospect of getting to read a lot. I've also been (strangely enough) excited about getting a new planner to write down what I do in a day and the events that are coming up (the planner I have right now ends at the end of this month (June)). 

If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for sticking with it! I'll see you on Thursday.

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