Thursday, July 28, 2016

Excited about School?

The heat has really been bearing down on everyone this week, which has led to lots of sunburns on frustrated faces. I've been working hard at my job and at home, trying to get everything ready for going back to school in 12 days (not that I'm counting).

I love the small town I live in during the school year, and I'm beyond excited to be able to put up the decorations I got as well as having a kitchen of my own to fill with various things to be able to cook my own food.

The other day, when I was buying a microwave, I got so happy about the ones they had on sale and the quality! My mom said that I'm really an adult now because I got excited about a kitchen appliance.

This upcoming school year I'm going to have my own car, so I'm excited to be able to drive myself to get groceries instead of walking for hours or bumming rides off of other people. Not to mention that I'll be able to go to the next town over which is the closest place that has the coffee place I love (I don't drink coffee, but I like the other drinks and pastries that they have there).

One of my favorite things when it comes to a new school year is buying school supplies. I've been looking at notebooks and binders and paper! I need to go get some of my favorite pens along with refills for those pens, and I already have my planner ready to go.

My classes for this upcoming school year are going to be tough, but I know that I'll love them. I'm taking more classes for my majors, so I'm happy to be getting more into what I love doing.

I'm stressed trying to get everything worked out and ready, but I can't wait to be back where I belong at this point in my life. School has been calling my name, and I can't wait to answer the call!

I'll see you on Tuesday

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why "A Thousand Reasons to Smile"?

When I first decided to start a blog, it was Christmas Eve and I had absolutely no idea what to name it. Starting out, I always planned on this being more of a lifestyle blog with a few other bits and bobs thrown in but I couldn't figure out a name that would encompass everything that I wanted it to. 

I looked on Pinterest (of course) to see what inspiration I could get, and ended up looking in the "Quotes" section. After scrolling through for a while, I saw a quote that I really loved.

Our lives are full of good times and bad times, but it's important to focus on the good. That's why I chose the name A Thousand Reasons to Smile. This blog has some of the more negative parts of my life, but it also has a lot of the really good parts. I'm able to use this blog as a way to sort out my thoughts as well as share my excitement about things! 

I hope that cleared things up about where the title came from! I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Apartment Decoration Haul

This upcoming school year I'm going to be living in an apartment for the first time in my life! I'm both excited and nervous as it will also be the first time I've had a roommate... From the time I've spent talking to her, my roommate and I get along really well so I have high hopes that we're going to be great roommates (You know all about how I picked her as a roommate from this post).

In our little townhouse apartment, I'm getting a very large room with huge white walls... I'm a big fan of color (especially pink) so I of course wanted to get some decorations in preparation of going back to school! 

One of my best friends is going to school to become an interior designer, so I roped her into coming with me to figure out what I wanted and how you go about decorating a room. 

These are the things that I picked out! Keep in mind that I'm going to keep most of the things packaged up because it'll make it easier on me when I have to get everything to school - If you want I could do a room tour after I'm all moved in so you can see what the finished product looks like!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pepe and Hamilton

My Pepe (black with a little white on his forehead) has been with me now for over 3 years, but I think he's about 4 years old. He was an owner give up, I got him from a foster home. Pepe was full size when I got him, but he was still young, which is why we estimate he was around 1 when I got him. 

Pepe was my 3rd guinea pig, and the only one that I had on his own. Up until I went to school out of state I spent a lot of time with him, and he was well handled. Pepe's always been a very calm and quiet guinea pig, but after I got home from school and especially in June I noticed that he was acting differently. He didn't want to be touched or held (which led me to believe that his skin was irritated and hurt when he was touched) and he wasn't moving around as much, he'd gained some weight... I was worried about him! 

After a while of trying to figure out what was going on with him, I discovered that everything that was going on with him was because he was lonely. That, of course, hurt my heart. I set out right away to find a companion guinea pig for Pepe. 

I found a guinea pig sanctuary where I was able to take Pepe to see how he'd handle being around the various guinea pigs there, and see which one made the best brother for him (Pepe isn't neutered, so I wasn't planning on getting a female). 

With the first few piggies we put him with, he didn't do anything. He had no reaction. He didn't sniff them, he didn't walk around, he didn't eat anything by them, he didn't do anything.

Then everything came together. We put him in with Hamilton, a 1 year old male guinea pig, and Pepe perked right up! He walked around, followed Hamilton, ate food, groomed, and they squeaked to each other a little bit. They were getting along better than I could have hoped! There were two female guinea pigs on the other side of their little fence, and although Hamilton was quite taken with the girls, he and Pepe didn't fight at all. Plus, they have matching swirls on their foreheads!

When the two are together, Pepe is like a whole new guinea pig! He runs around, squeaks, is more comfortable around strangers that come over, and a bunch of other things. One of the biggest differences has been in his desire to be social - he'd completely stopped wanting to be around people before. 

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a scare with Hamilton getting a cherry pit stuck on his teeth! I took him into the vet and they were able to get it off without breaking his teeth (which was what I was worried about) and they did it for free. Pepe was worried that Hamilton was gone forever, and he squeaked and looked all over trying to find him! As soon as he was back, Pepe was happy as a clam once again.

For the next few months you can check up on how my little pigs are doing over on my Instagram account! I hope you love them as much as I do. I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

6 Month Resolution Update

Resolution 1: Save up the money that I need to be able to pay for my Housing and Textbooks
for the 16-17 school year on my own

Now that I have a job, this has become way easier for me to achieve. I've already paid my first month's rent (they wanted to be paid the first month in advance along with the various deposits to secure my lease for the upcoming school year) so right now I need to focus on Textbooks. My job here at home will help me cover rent until I'm able to get my first paycheck from my job at school, so I have high hopes of completing this resolution.

Resolution 2: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

I've been failing at this since I got my job because I get in the groove of the work and forget to stop to drink water. My parents got me a larger water bottle, so I'm more aware of how little water I've had because I can see it all measured out on the bottle. When I'm home on my days off I've been doing a great job of keeping up with my water intake so that I don't get dehydrated.

Resolution 3: Read at least 20 books by the end of the year

I got a TON of reading done in June! I posted several book reviews, and I have a few more in the works that I'm planning on having out closer to August.

Resolution 5: Stop Eating after 9pm

In June I was much better about this one, and I was able to keep my heartburn under control. For my job, I'd have to go to bed early to get up early - so it was easier for me not to eat after 9pm because I was going to bed way earlier than before.

Resolution 6: Snack less, eat actual Meals more

The snacking really took over in June... I spent a lot of time out and about and doing various shopping for school and my guinea pigs, so I wasn't at home during meal times most days. This has also been an issue since I've been having a harder time finding foods that I want to eat - I've been trying to get meat out of my diet and I've been having a bit of a hard time finding foods that I like that I can afford to get that don't contain meat.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 2016 Overview

June was a crazy month for me! However, I like to think that it's been more good than bad... I've accomplished a lot even though I've had a few set backs. All together, June was full of a million emotions.

At the beginning of June I got my very first comment on one of my blog posts! You can read about that HERE. I was beyond excited to get my first comment because it shows that there are people out there in the world actually reading what I'm writing.

So far my math class situation has been going well. I've almost finished my online class, so I'm hoping to get re-enrolled in my math class for the Fall before the semester actually starts in August. Online it still shows the class having several openings, but it's notorious for being inaccurate... I'm hopeful that, for once, it's accurate and the class isn't full already. Right now that's my main concern with my math class.

My boyfriend and I decided to be just friends, and so far we've been doing well. There was a bit of a learning curve because we weren't sure exactly how to be just friends after over two years of being a couple. I was, starting out, really sad about it even though it was something that we both wanted because I had forgotten how to be single. Everything is okay now, and it's all been smooth sailing since that first week. I don't plan on going back "out there" (you know, the dating field) for a while, but I'm hopeful that I'll find another great guy later on.

I GOT A JOB!!! I felt so good when I went in for the interview and was told not even a half hour later that I was given the position. It's in a Kennel, so I've been getting a lot of experience with dogs of all sizes as well as cats. The 4th of July weekend was the busiest I've ever been because our kennel was totally full! People had brought in their dogs who are afraid of the sounds associated with fireworks.

The last major thing that happened in June involved my Guinea Pigs, but I'm planning on doing a big post about them soon (there's too many details to talk about in this post). So be sure to watch for that post!

I'll see you on Tuesday
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