Thursday, July 28, 2016

Excited about School?

The heat has really been bearing down on everyone this week, which has led to lots of sunburns on frustrated faces. I've been working hard at my job and at home, trying to get everything ready for going back to school in 12 days (not that I'm counting).

I love the small town I live in during the school year, and I'm beyond excited to be able to put up the decorations I got as well as having a kitchen of my own to fill with various things to be able to cook my own food.

The other day, when I was buying a microwave, I got so happy about the ones they had on sale and the quality! My mom said that I'm really an adult now because I got excited about a kitchen appliance.

This upcoming school year I'm going to have my own car, so I'm excited to be able to drive myself to get groceries instead of walking for hours or bumming rides off of other people. Not to mention that I'll be able to go to the next town over which is the closest place that has the coffee place I love (I don't drink coffee, but I like the other drinks and pastries that they have there).

One of my favorite things when it comes to a new school year is buying school supplies. I've been looking at notebooks and binders and paper! I need to go get some of my favorite pens along with refills for those pens, and I already have my planner ready to go.

My classes for this upcoming school year are going to be tough, but I know that I'll love them. I'm taking more classes for my majors, so I'm happy to be getting more into what I love doing.

I'm stressed trying to get everything worked out and ready, but I can't wait to be back where I belong at this point in my life. School has been calling my name, and I can't wait to answer the call!

I'll see you on Tuesday

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