Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back at School

This past Wednesday I got that familiar tightness in my chest that only comes from going back to school. The sweaty palms, the awkward social encounters, everyone being at Walmart at the same time... Nothing says "back to school" quite like all the stores being filled to the brim with students and school supplies.

For the past several weeks, I've been scrambling to get everything together and really feeling the pressure of my potential to forget important things.

After mustering up the strength to drive for 8 hours straight with a car full of my college belongings, I made it there in time to sprint to get my apartment keys. I was still too late... But it's the thought that counts right? (I was able to officially get my keys the next day.)

I had a few days on my own, and then my roommate moved in. The whole time I was alone I was really excited about her getting here, but after she got here I wasn't sure what to do with myself! She wanted space to unpack - I wanted to help carry her things up to her room - she really just wanted some space to unpack her things - I wanted to sit and talk to her a little bit about the place while she unpacked - she most definitely just wanted to have some alone time to unpack. So I went back to my room and put on a movie and worked on random things that I tried really hard to come up with so I wasn't bothering her!

As of right now, I still have about a week before my classes officially start. By that point, I hope I'll feel more ready than I feel now... I need to sort out my school supplies and figure out exactly how long the walk is from my apartment to the center of campus. I have high hopes of this year being the best - Not only because I have my own apartment and a great roommate, but because I'm taking more classes for my Majors, and I have friends that are also back at school! Compaired to the summer, I think things are really looking up.

I'll see you on Thursday

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