Tuesday, September 6, 2016

8 Month Resolution Update

Resolution 1: Save up the money that I need to be able to pay for my Housing and Textbooks for the 16-17 school year on my own

I've already purchased my textbooks on my own, and paid 2 months of rent on my own! So far everything seems to be going well with this resolution, but I am worried that once my homework load picks up I'll have less time to work so I'll earn less money towards my rent... We'll see how it goes.

Resolution 2: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

I've been keeping up with this one really well! I feel really hydrated and happy!

Resolution 3: Read at least 20 books by the end of the year

I'm worried I won't be able to complete this Resolution... I've been thinking about getting into audio books to be able to listen to books rather than read them while I'm going to and from my classes.

Resolution 4: Clean my room every Saturday

I'm back at this resolution! In my apartment I have a normal sized room (WWAAYY bigger than the broom closet of a dorm room I was in last school year) so when it gets messy it takes me longer to clean it up. So far, though, I've been able to stay on top of it every Saturday.

Resolution 5: Stop Eating after 9pm

Once again I'm doing really well with this resolution! I've been getting ready for bed around 9 and actually going to sleep around 10 or 11 so I haven't been eating late anymore!

Resolution 6: Snack less, eat actual Meals more

Now that I'm cooling my own food I'm doing much better with this one than I was last year. However, I'm a tad worried that after I run out of things to make I'll be at a loss for meals and will go back to eating snacks all the time because they're easier.

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