Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Locking My Keys in My Car

A few weeks ago, I ended up not having to work in the morning like I thought I would but I didn't want to go back to my apartment only to come back later for class so I hung out in my car. I called my mom and talked with her for a while, and then I grabbed my backpack and went to my classes.

About 3 hours later, when I was just getting back to my car and rummaging through my backpack for my keys to unlock the doors I realized that my keys were in my backpack. Of course my first thought was that I'd dropped them somewhere, so I retraced my steps to see if I could find them. When I didn't find them, I went back to my car and I looked through one of the windows of my car. There were my keys, just hanging out on the passenger seat.

That morning, when I had gone back to my car and talked to my mom, I put my keys on the seat under my backpack instead of in the pocket on my backpack like I normally do! So when I grabbed my backpack and went to class, my keys were left behind and locked in my car (I lock my car using the button on the door rather than using my keys).

My first call was, of course, to my roommate because I have a spare set of keys in my room. However, she didn't answer me, so I called my Dad to see if he had any ideas for what I could do. I decided that I would just have to walk back to the apartment and hope that my RA wasn't in class so I could get the spare key to get in (My apartment key is on the same ring as my car keys, so they were also locked in my car).

My roommate then texted me and said that she'd just left the apartment so she couldn't get my keys for me. I tried to get her to go back, because if she'd just left it wouldn't be a huge deal for her to turn around to grab my keys. She then said she didn't know where my spare keys were, and after I said they were hanging right next to the door of my room she stopped responding.

Frustrated, I called my dad again and he reassured me that things would be fine because he found a place that would come unlock my car for free because I'm a student.

I did get my keys back, and I did get home safely.
To my utter shock, my roommate was home when I got there.

I'll see you on Thursday.

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