Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Roommate Problems

If you want to read about my experience with my roommate up to this point, you can go HERE and HERE.

Alright, so things really haven't been that great with my roommate.

It started off with small things that didn't seem like big deals at all - Her showering before and after sleeping, her using some of my plates and bowls, her having guys over, and things like that. She seemed like a normal college girl and I was still certain that we would get along well! However, that certainty faded pretty quickly...

Her sleep schedule is messed up, so she's showering 5 or 6 times every day. She has her own dishes but will continue to use mine. She won't let me know when she has guys staying over, and occasionally one will just walk into my room thinking that it's hers (Okay, that one isn't that bad, but what if I was changing and a random guy just walks in??). This stuff was starting to bother me, but I figured that I just needed to adjust some and maybe talk with her if I really couldn't handle it.

Then things got worse. She started taking hour long showers 3 or 4 times a day, and using my bowls to hold fruit and bananas, she would put her own dishes in the dishwasher and run it but leave my things (even the ones she used of mine) out of the dishwasher for me to wash myself, and she was starting to let guys stay overnight.

I tried to get her to find the time to talk to me so that we could work some of this stuff out, and she started avoiding me. When she knew I was out of my room, she'd be in hers with the door closed and her TV on loudly. When I was in my room she would be out of her room. It wasn't hard for her to do that because, for the most part, she's asleep when I'm awake anyway (or she's in one of her classes).

However, I was still determined to be friends with her and work out our differences!

Her birthday was the second day of school, so I got some decorations and I made her a cake! When she woke up and saw the decorations and the cake, she seemed upset that I'd wanted to celebrate her birthday. I told her that she could eat the cake whenever, because I didn't know if she had friends coming over or not, and that I had matches to light the candles. She went back to her room, I didn't see her for a few days, and then about a week later she finally took a piece of the cake - which she ate a few bites of and then threw away. She didn't touch the cake again after that, and I made the decision to stop putting effort into trying to be friends with her.

She started to tell me (a majority of the time not in person) that when I wash my dishes I need to wash hers too, even though she doesn't do the same for me. She'd tell me when she would eat some of my food but when I'd ask her if I could have some of her food she would say no. When I light my candle she complains that I've mad the apartment smell like fruit. After cleaning, she'd tell me that I was doing it wrong even though she doesn't clean. At one point she even decided to switch which can in our kitchen was for regular trash and which one was for the recycle without telling me, but I'm the one who takes out the trash so I don't know why she would do that (I'm serious, she won't take the trash out! After they're full, she sets a cardboard box next to the can and started to put trash in that rather than taking the trash out. I once tried to avoid taking it out until she did, but it got so full and took up a lot of the kitchen and smelled so bad that I just took it out).

I don't recommend this, but I started to be very passive aggressive towards her so that even though we rarely see each other she would know I was going to do my best not to do things for her anymore.

On Saturdays I clean my half of everything - my half of the bathroom mirror, my bathroom sink, I vacuum my own floor (and every once in a while the rest of the floor because she doesn't vacuum and it bothers me). I wash all my own dishes (since she won't wash them with hers, I don't wash hers with mine), I clean out my half of the fridge and freezer, I only put away my own dishes, and I even have my own separate ice cube tray from hers in the freezer. At one point I even put her moldy fruit (she rarely eats the fruit she buys before it goes bad, but she won't let me eat any of it) into one of her own bowls so that I could wash my bowl. I left her bowl of moldy fruit on the counter, and I don't think she noticed it for a few days before throwing away the fruit.

I don't recommend being passive aggressive with someone you live with who is already doing things that really bother you because when you're showing them that you won't do things for them they'll do the exact same thing to you. Like if you lock your keys in your car, and ask them to bring you your spare set - but that's a story for another post.

All in all, things aren't going at all how I thought they would. It's going to be a tough school year in this continues.

I'll see you on Thursday

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