Tuesday, September 20, 2016


As you know, I live in an apartment where my Pet options are very limited. I more recently picked out a Male Betta Fish from the local pet store, and got everything I would need to care for him. I got a small tank, a small castle-looking decoration, and a moss ball as well as some food and a small bottle of stress coat for when I change the water. 

I've named this handsome boy Sebastian, and he's my college pet. 

I love caring for animals, and being away from my guinea pigs and my main tank of tropical fish often makes me sad. I was delighted to get Sebastian, and taking care of him is one of the highlights of my day! Plus, it's nice to be able to watch him swim around while I'm working on school things. I have him on my desk, so I can see him all the time. 

Being a college student, I don't have the time or the means to care of a pet that requires a lot of maintenance, but Sebastian is a very easy pet to take care of because he has so few needs for me to fill. However, the maintenance he does need I'm more than happy to do.

Compared to my 20 gallon tank at home, this tank is very easy to maintain, but I still like to spend time making sure it's all perfect for Sebastian. If you'd like to know what I do for Sebastian and how I maintain his tank, let me know and I'll write it up!

I'll see you on Thursday. 

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