Thursday, October 6, 2016

9 Month Resolution Update

Resolution 1: Save up the money that I need to be able to pay for my Housing and Textbooks for the 16-17 school year on my own

This month my parents helped me cover the part of my rent that I didn't have because I didn't have the means to. I paid as much of it as I was able, which I am still proud of.

Resolution 2: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

I've been really bad about this resolution... However, after I got my gall bladder taken out it was more important for me to stay hydrated so I did get a little bit better about drinking water towards the end of the month.

Resolution 3: Read at least 20 books by the end of the year

I'm becoming less and less confident that I'll be able to complete this resolution... I've started listening to audio books more while walking to class, but I haven't completed any because they do take so much time. Hopefully I'll start finishing some of them soon, and writing posts about them.

Resolution 4: Clean my Room every Saturday

I've been doing really well with this one to the point where I'm cleaning most of the apartment every Saturday. I did miss a Saturday when I was still recovering from getting my gall bladder out, but because my mom was here she was nice enough to clean for me so that I wouldn't feel like I was behind on housework too.

Resolution 5: Stop Eating after 9pm

Surprisingly enough I've been doing really well about this since I've been back at school and making my own food! I've been a lot better about going to bed earlier as well, which is really nice.

Resolution 6: Snack less, eat actual Meals more

Going along with the last resolution, I have been doing really well at this still. I don't think I've run out of ideas for food just yet...

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