Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life Update: Rent, Cameras, and Dating

I have some very great news to update all of you on!

Recently, when I was checking my bank account, I saw that my rent for October had been refunded into my account. At first I was really worried about it, because I didn't want to be kicked out or get some kind of nasty-gram in my email for not having paid. I called and emailed the housing department a few times, and found out that my student loans after being combined with my scholarships were moved to cover my housing costs for the rest of this semester! So when I get my paychecks I don't have to use any of it to pay my rent because my rent is already covered. This was such a huge relief to me, it was one of the big highlights of my month!

Now that I'm able to save $524 that was originally going to be my rent every month, I'm planning on saving up to buy myself a really nice camera. I've said before on this blog that I've really wanted to get a proper camera so that when I post photos they'll be the kind of quality that I want. Previously I used a really old camera that I got from my mom, and after it crashed I started using my phone but the photos haven't been what I wanted. Since I can really save what I'm earning, I'll be able to get the camera of my dreams! I guess all I have left to do is decide which camera is the one of my dreams....

I've also been looking into study abroad programs and internship opportunities through my school, which (most likely after the camera) I'll look into saving up for!

Now... Onto the slightly bigger of my big news! I've decided to try and date again, there's this great guy in my life at the moment and we're giving it a shot. That's basically all the details about it that I have... But I will update you as needed.

I'll see you on Tuesday.

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