Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 Overview

October was jam packed with school work for me since I was a week behind in my classes and I had all of my midterm exams. I spent a lot of late nights working on practice exams, taking quizzes, and reading textbooks. I've been trying really hard to make sure that my grades stay up despite me missing assignments and having to reschedule a few exams. So far this semester, my Economics class has been the hardest for me to do well in, so I've been going to see a tutor for help. For some reason, Economics just doesn't stick in my brain very well.

I also found out this past month that my rent is going to be covered for the rest of this semester, so I get to keep all of the money that I earn at work! I've decided to save up for a nice camera so that I can take the quality photos that I want to for this blog (and for myself). There are a few cameras that I'm interested in, I just need to do a little more research to decide which one will be the right one for me.

This October I also let you guys know that I'm attempting to "get back out there" when it comes to dating, and I'm kind of seeing how things work out on their own.

Now that it's cooled off it's really felt like Fall to me. I broke out my scarves and sweaters, and have been drinking more chai tea and hot chocolate. I'm really excited about being able to go home for Thanksgiving/My Birthday because I'll get to see some of my friends and do fun fall things with them!

I talked more about my roommate in October, and I'm still hopeful that she'll transfer at the semester... and that they'll let me stay in this apartment on my own. It would be really nice if I didn't have to deal with another awful roommate!

All in all, October was a fairly boring month... Hahaha

I'll see you on Thursday

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