Thursday, December 22, 2016

One Bad Semester

Earlier on during Fall Semester, I missed an entire week of classes because of my gall bladder removal. Some of my teachers were more kind and helpful after I returned to school, but others weren't at all nice about it. I had one of my professors give me THREE DAYS to make up the week's worth of work because he still expected me to take the exam on the fourth day.

My doctor's told be at the time that it would be a long time before I regained my energy, so I'd be sleeping a lot. However, I couldn't afford to sleep extra because I had so much work I was trying to catch up on. Unfortunately for me, that meant that I was also sick almost the whole time - I kept catching colds! That meant I was always extra tired.

So far I'm just spilling out a bunch of excuses... But long story short, my grades were really bad this past semester to the point where I'm almost on academic probation, which they were all to happy to tell me about last night.

Looking back, I wish that I had pushed harder for more time, and asked for more help, and let myself sleep more often. I also wish that I had been more open with my parents about how much I was struggling. They only saw me over face time once in while, and I was always brushing things off with "I'm doing okay" or "Things are going fine".

I'm not planning on something big like the removal of an organ for this next semester, so I'm very much hoping that I'll be able to work and get the good grades I know I can.

When I first got the news, I was completely devastated and I thought "Well, that's it then. I have to drop out." (which seems really drastic, but it's what I thought).

I was talking to a friend, and after a bit of convincing he told me that "It's one bad semester, that doesn't mean your whole college experience is going to be bad from now on".


I can pull it together, and I can show that I'm meant to be there and doing what I'm meant to be doing with my life.

Spring Semester is coming up quick and I'm going to be successful!
I'll see you on Tuesday

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