Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fish Tank Disaster!

If you saw my tweet yesterday, or read the title of this post, you have a pretty good idea of what this post is about...

Last night I had fed Sebastian and Jimmy, and was waiting for the sow I was watching to end before I called it a night and went to bed. While I was sitting, I started to hear this weird dripping. At first I thought that it was just rain, but considering how freezing cold it's been outside that didn't make any sense! 

I looked over and saw water running off of the little table that my fish tank is on. 


I ran to get a towel and started mopping up the mess. While looking at the tank, I didn't see any damage or cracks where the water could be coming from. After the towel I was using got soaked through, I figured out that the water was coming up from between the glass and the black bottom of the tank.

I quickly put some of the rocks and water, as well as the moss ball, into this "big" jar I have before I started scooping water out of the tank and moving Sebastian, Jimmy, and Shellbert into the jar. Once they were safe and sound, I started getting the rest of the water out of the tank until there wasn't enough water for it to continue leaking. 

I've been pretty stressed trying to find a new tank that's small enough in my area. For the most part there are only 20 gallon tanks or bigger that are left in stores. My dad helped me out, and called around to a few stores - he was able to find the last of the small tanks at one of the smaller pet stores here and have them hold it for me, so I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow! 

For the time being, that part of my room looks like a big mess and the rug and carpet is all wet.

After I get the new tank all set up, I'll probably do a quick post tomorrow about it. This was definitely not something I wanted to have happen, but I'm glad that it wasn't left all night to leak - I'm not sure how good a shape Sebastian and Jimmy would be in if the water had gotten too low because of it. 

Thanks for your concern! I'm glad everything is under control for now.


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