Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Good news, I got everything sorted out with the new tank! They're happy and swimming around as if nothing had even happened. I'm mostly glad that they didn't have to be in the jar for too long - it wasn't enough space for them. The new tank I got happens to look exactly the same as the one that sprung a leak, but it is from a different brand. 

Jimmy made a really big splash in my post last Tuesday, and I was really proud of that photo that I got of him! That one photo took me a really long time to get, but it turned out so well I decided to try my hand at photographing him again. I took almost the whole card worth of photos, and these were the best ones that I got. 

I tried a few different settings on my camera, and funnily enough the "sport" setting was the best one for getting photos of a really active frog! 

Jimmy has been the best addition to Sebastian! As planned by my parents, the two of them get along perfectly. Sebastian has always been a fan of hiding in his tank, and Jimmy shares that talent with him, so when I look for them they're often hidden in different parts of the tank. Sometimes Jimmy will go over to Sebastian, or vice versa, and they'll look at each other for a while before swimming away. (I like to think that they're having little conversations, but there's not really a way for me to know that for sure)

There have been several occasions where I've gotten distracted watching the two of them swimming around. I have a cute chair in that window area that I'll often sit in while I work on homework or watch a movie, which also happens to be the best place to sit and watch them. They're really good company even though I can't cuddle with them like with my guinea pigs. 

I'd love your feedback on the photos! 

I'll see you on Thursday

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