Thursday, January 26, 2017

Roommate Update - January 2017

If you want to know more of the background with my roommate, click HERE (that post also happens to have a lot of previous posts about my roommate linked to it as well)

Surprisingly enough, I haven't posted about my roommate since November! I thought it was about time to give you all an update of her latest crazy things that have been getting on my nerves. Basically, this is going to be a ranty/complaining post. (Sorry not sorry... Haha)

Since that post in November, one of the worst things that my roommate has done is leaving the toilet after clogging it. Yup - She actually did that. If we had multiple bathrooms I would have left her gross bathroom to be disgusting until she dealt with it herself, but because there's only one bathroom that we share (so there's only one toilet) I had to get it taken care of so that I'd be able to use the bathroom.

One of the services that we get because of where we live is a maintenance crew. They'll come fix appliances, change light bulbs, move furniture, and... Unclog toilets. I called them and had the man come - to the complete horror of my roommate. (I guess she was embarrassed about this man seeing what she'd done to this toilet?) He was really professional about it, and we got back the use of our bathroom. That should have been the end of it.

Unfortunately it wasn't... Not too long ago, she clogged the toilet once again. This time, however, she came and knocked on my door and told me that I needed to deal with it again. Seriously! She came and knocked on my door to tell me that she clogged it and that it was mine to get fixed! As if it was now my job to take care of it for her every time!

I looked her dead in the face and said "No, the number for maintenance is on the fridge, you can call them"

BOOM! Yes! She had to deal with it herself! It was a proud moment for me. I think that was the first thing she's done that's been good this whole school year so far!

Speaking of our bathroom... We have this really old kind of medicine cabinet with mirrors on the fronts of the doors. My roommate randomly broke off one of the two little doors! She left it sitting in between the two sinks - which is where is sits to this day! She claims that she'll call and get it fixed, but that has yet to happen.

I'm not sure if I've said before or not, but my roommate is basically nocturnal. She'll sleep all day and be awake (and NOISY) all night. I'm not sure how she's able to keep up with her classes, because as far as I can tell she hardly actually goes to them.

Most days, she wakes up around 7pm or 8pm after sleeping all day. Most days, I'm making dinner for myself in the kitchen under her room around 6pm. Without fail, if I'm cooking practically anything, she'll come down and tell me that I'm being too noisy.

Three days ago I took a pan out of the cupboard to make myself some chicken nuggets and it made noise because taking a pan out of a cupboard isn't a silent affair, and then I preheated the oven which beeped. I was putting nuggets on the pan when she comes barreling down the stairs in her pjs with messed up hair - her rage face happening - to tell me that I was "banging around" and being too loud.

I gave her a surprised face and said "Normally someone can make dinner at dinner time without waking up anyone. I'll remember this when you're banging around at 3am again."


She didn't complain about be being loud while making dinner since then. At least not so far...

I know I've mentioned her inability to take out the trash before, but this semester she's started buying more premade food that comes in a lot of packaging. Almost every 3 days BOTH of our kitchen trash cans are FULL and need to be taken out. I've tried to leave them, but she still doesn't do anything about it and it makes the whole apartment smell absolutely awful. I may have gotten her to deal with her own clogged toilet, and to not complain (hopefully) about me making noise while preparing my own food, but I have not been able to get her to start taking out the trash.

Let me know if you have any ideas about how I could convince my roommate that taking out the trash is something she should do!

I'll see you on Tuesday.

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