Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mid-College Crisis (Life Update)

Originally I tried to write this post while I was still at work... However, the wifi that I was trying to work with didn't want to work with me, so I had to wait until I got back to my place. I've had a lot of different thoughts swimming around in my head, and I wanted to get them all down somewhere - and there's no place better for my random thoughts than on my own blog!

So I've been having a crisis. A Mid-College Crisis, to be specific.

For some reason, I feel like I've been the only one out of my group of grads from high school who isn't doing amazing/super cool things in college. Several of my friends have done study abroad programs, joined sororities, taken awesome athletic classes, taken spontaneous road trips with their college friends, and are all around doing some really cool and memorable things.

I've been going to school here for almost two years and I feel like I don't have anything to show for it! I go to classes, I go to work, I go home to my apartment... I haven't joined any clubs or sports teams, I haven't traveled anywhere or done any spontaneous road trips.

A sort of "Cabin Fever" took over - I felt like I needed to find something to do that would be amazing and memorable that I'd be able to look back on as part of my college experience.

At first I tried to work out getting tickets and going to see Hamilton in a city a few hours away from where I'm going to school in 2018. 2018 isn't as soon as I would've liked, and those tickets are really pricey for a college student... Plus the cost of travelling there. So that was off my list of ideas.

My next idea was to do a study abroad program! I haven't been able to get particularly far with this one... Most of the programs through my school are for semesters during the school year, but I'd really prefer something that was over the summer because most of my classes aren't offered at other schools. The summer programs seems to be only a week or two long, or else they overlap with the beginning of the next fall semester. So far it hasn't been very immediate, which was what I was hoping for. I'm going to keep looking into it, but for now it's off my list of ideas.

When I went to talk to my adviser about trying to find something to do for the summer, she suggested doing summer classes... I've signed up for some, but I haven't gone through the full enrollment process to secure my place in the classes. Spending even more time here going between classes and work and home won't really help with my sudden crisis to do something more exciting and memorable. Plus there's the hitch that my lease for the apartment is only 11 months, so for the entire month of July I won't have a place to live in my college town... We'll see what happens with that.

So far nothing I've come up with has worked out how I'd like... One of the major things that I did do that I'm really happy about was getting an actual template for this blog! I'm so happy with my blog, and how much I've done with it over the years. I also renewed my domain, so this blog isn't going anywhere for at least this year! Haha

If you have any suggestions for things that I could do, or if you've had a crisis like this one before, let me know!

I'll see you on Thursday.

Friday, February 24, 2017

New Layout!

You may have noticed that my blog looks completely different now!

I invested in an actual blogger template that I really love, and I got it all set up and put in today!

Let me know what you think about it!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Fitness Plan - 1 Week Update

If you want to know the background, my first post about this is right HERE.

Soooo.... This really isn't an exciting post! The claim on the pinterest photo so far has proven to be false. I haven't lost any weight in this one week. Haha I can't say that I'm surprised though... I mean it was a very bold claim.

I'm going to keep going for another week like I originally planned, but I don't have high hopes for the amount of weight loss that the post claimed! Haha

I'll see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

50 Things that Make Me Smile - List Post

Hand Written Letters and Notes
When a song builds up to a key change
Opening a jar on my own
The sound a bag of chips makes when you open it
When shoes click on tile flooring
Birds calling to each other
The color pink
Sunshine and Warmth
Leaving work on a Friday night
Stone Buildings
Tall trees with big leaves
Driving with the windows down (regardless of how cold it is)
Bow ties
Coming home to a clean apartment
Videos of my Guinea Pigs
Silly cat videos
Sending relationship memes to the guy I'm seeing
Knowing (and singing along) to every song in a musical
A new tube of lipstick
Yelling to myself about other people speeding because I'm speeding and they're passing me
People who stop to let you pet their dog on the street
My Brothers
Streetlights that flicker
People who want to make sure I get home safely
Ordering food because I don't have to cook it
Deep Conversations
Other Bloggers and their blogs
Classes being cancelled
Taking a hot shower after a long day
Fresh notebooks and pens
Being able to call my family almost whenever
Finally understanding something I've struggled with
Going up some stairs without getting winded
When people help others get up after slipping on the ice
Those rare few who appreciate me for doing my job
Using up all of a tube of chapstick before losing it
Vintage Candy
Taking and editing photos
Being told I'm good at adulting
When I actually adult
People who read all of my posts in their entirety ;)

What are things that make you smile? 
I'll see you on Tuesday!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Fitness Plan

Not sure about 10 pounds in two weeks, but this is a good conditioning workout a lot like what we used to do in gymnastics every day.:

I originally posted this back in September, but I then got my gall bladder taken out so exercising wasn't in the cards for me. I've decided that I'm going to try again! I got a scale yesterday, and I'm starting this exact morning with the routine.

Here's the original post that I put up back in September:

I'm not unhappy about my weight, I don't think that I'm overweight, that's not why I'm doing it. I've always wanted to be more healthy and to be honest I want to lose the Freshman 15 that's been hanging around so I fit into some of my favorite clothes again. 

When I was looking through Pinterest at all of the different things people claim work, I saw the workout above and thought that it was manageable for me to be able to do on a daily basis. (I also wanted to see if it would actually work - if I do lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks - because that's a pretty bold claim)

For the most part, I only do yoga because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good, but yoga is more about relaxation and unloading some stress than weight loss for me. So, for 2 weeks, I'm going to be doing this workout while eating my normal diet. and I'll let you know how it goes!

My current weight is 142lbs

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Lists and Planner

Starting off this post, I'm going to show what my planner looks like and then I'll go over how I decorate it, and then how I've written my lists. This is going to be a really picture heavy post with some explanations sprinkled in.

My planner has a large page with the whole month on it, and then the pages are broken up by the week (one week on 2 pages). I prefer the planners that have wide spaces for each day that are lined.

I've always loved writing lists and being organized. When it comes to school, I've been able to keep up with everything that's going on in my week by making lists so I don't forget anything! I typically spice things up a little bit with washi tape and stickers.

I'll also write motivational quote, or other quotes that I like, in the margin around the month and date on the weekly pages. For the most part, I write them in during the week that I'm on so that the quotes can be kind of a reflection of that week in addition to my lists.

Now about my lists! The reasons that I prefer the wide, lined sections for each day is because they're the easiest for writing lists! I'll split the section for the day into two parts - the things that are going on that day, and then my to-do list. Just to give you an idea of what I mean - Here's my section for Tomorrow in my planner. 

In my to-do lists, I'll put in the classes that I have as well as whether or not I work, and then I'll add anything that I still need to do to that list as the day goes on. For example, I've already done the homework that's due tomorrow because I had those things on my to-do lists on different days. I'll do the same thing with tomorrow's list when I look over the next few days worth of assignments that are due. I'll also put in things like study times, when I need to go to the store, when to change the filter cartridge for my tank, cleaning, and even when food I have expires and I need to throw it out! 

I hope this post was informative! These are the ways that I stay organized and keep up with everything in my life. My lists and my planner keep me from going crazy trying to remember everything that I'm meant to be doing!

What do you do to stay organized? Let me know!

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Back in December 2016, my mom got me a year subscription from Ipsy to receive their monthly Glam Bags.

How it works:
You sign up, and take a quiz
5 products are chosen for you based on the quiz
You receive your glam bag, and get to use your 5 products and enjoy the bag!

One of the most important parts is going online and reviewing the products that you were sent. This helps them choose what to send you in future glam blags. Plus, you can retake the quiz at any point to update and refine your preferences even more.

This subscription service is only $10 a month, or $110 for a year. Shipping is free within the USA, which is really awesome as well. $10 is a really good price considering the quality of the makeup and the bags that you're getting, but with an Ipsy subscription you also gain access to deals from the makers of the products, giveaways, and a rewards program where you're able to redeem points for products.

Over the year of getting glam bags, I've gotten lots of full size and sample size products that I've loved. There were only a few times when I got products I didn't like, and through my reviews I was able to let Ipsy know. At first I wasn't super thrilled about having a million different little bags, but they really do come in handy for me all the time. I have coins in one, hairties/clips in another, and they make storing my lipsticks a lot easier! I've also used them as pencil cases before and travel makeup bags.

I'm going to give a kind of quick overview of some of the products that I received in mine over the course of this past year!

I got loads of eyeshadows, bronzers, blush, and highlighters.

Face Primers were something I loved getting! Plus, they were from such great brands!

I'm a big lipstick person, so getting full size lipsticks as well as a few sample size ones were amazing for me!

I've also gotten a few face masks over the course of my subscription!

There are tons more products I've been sent in my glam bag that don't fit into those top categories. Things like eyeliner, mascara samples, creams, oils, fragrances, nail polish, facial cleansers, foundation and BB cream samples, and self tanner. 

Makeup application tools are my favorite thing to get in my glam bags. I've been sent so many beauty sponges and brushes to try that I haven't had to go out and buy my own from the store since I started my subscription. They're such nice quality, and they're always different.

At the beginning of this year I contemplated whether or not I would continue to pay to get the glam bags after the year subscription from my mom ran out. I actually cancelled my subscription for about a week, during which I was really sad that I wouldn't be getting any more products and bags. I then promptly re-subscribed. $10 isn't a huge price for a college student to pay every month, plus the shipping is free and I get products that are worth more than the $10 I got them for.

I very highly recommend this subscription service! If you love beauty products you'll love getting your glam bag every month.

Have you tried Ipsy before? I'd love to know what you thought about it!
I'll see you on Thursday!

(I'm not being sponsored at all to write this post)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017 Overview

Okay, I know this post is going up much later than usual, but I have a good reason! I'm in college and trying to work at the same time. I also used to plan and write up several posts in advance, but I've been more actively writing these posts the day of or the night before.

This is the very first monthly overview I've done for 2017! To be honest, January was a really tough month for me, but I also found a lot of happiness during it all.

As you know from THIS post, things with my roommate haven't been the greatest. New year, same roommate I guess! However, I've gotten into the routine of cleaning on my own and it's been a good stress reliever for me on Saturdays. Sometimes all I need to feel better is to roll up my sleeves and jump into the mess! (It doesn't hurt having a really clean apartment either - that's a nice thing to come back to).

One of my neighbors in my apartment complex got a puppy! I was worried at first that it would make a lot of noise, but it's actually really well behaved! It only barks when someone knocks at their door, but that's typically only during the day so it doesn't bother me at all. There's nothing better than seeing a really happy puppy running around in a little coat in the snow! It's been a huge bright spot in my days.

(Just a side note - that is my very own footprint in the snow that's photographed at the beginning of this post! I have very round toes...... #aesthetic)

 Getting back to school at the beginning of January, I was really happy to put Jimmy and Shellbert in with Sebastian for the very first time! Later on I did have the fish tank disaster... But I was actually really happy about being able to get a new tank relatively quickly and without too much trouble. I've still been really enjoying having them and being able to watch them swimming around. Pets are an amazing thing.

One of the biggest parts of January for me was starting my Second Semester of classes! Like I said in that post, I'm really happy to be here at school and to be taking the classes that I am. So far, I've been able to keep up with all of the work, which I'm really proud of myself for. I make daily lists of everything I need to do, which is a huge help when it comes to keeping up (If you're interested I can do a post about my planner and my lists - let me know).

Work has been really hard but it's also been really great to be able to work such flexible hours. I'm still covering my own electricity and rent, and working as much as I do lets me be able to do that! Plus, one of the perks of working for the school that I go to, I get time off for my exams and other important school related things that may happen (like if the school has a snow day, then I don't have to work either!).

Really the main thing that has been getting me down is all of the snow and ice and gray skies. I'm ready for it to be warm enough that the air doesn't hurt my face and I can wear cute shoes again. For all of January, I've been walking practically everywhere because the road conditions are so bad and it takes such a long time to chip my car out of the ice. It takes up a lot more time than driving, but I've been feeling a lot better since I've been walking. My body feels like it's working better, and I'm not as winded doing simple things anymore which is super great!

January was also really awesome in that I've really gotten a good list of blogs and bloggers that I really like! It's been awesome to go over and check out the content other bloggers are creating and being able to comment as well as getting comments on my own posts! I've also been a lot more active on social media (mostly twitter - @tosmileblog) posting updates, links to my newest blogs, and some other random things!

Surprisingly enough I've found the time to be able to watch a lot of new things on Netflix! I'll get posts up about the shows that I've been loving if you guys are interested in my reviews!

All in all, I had a great start to 2017! Hopefully it'll stay this way... Haha

I'll see you on Tuesday!

(For my last post I did a list of songs that I've been loving. Would anyone be interested if I made a spotify and just linked the playlists that I make for posts? Let me know, because I'm down to do that!)
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