Tuesday, February 21, 2017

50 Things that Make Me Smile - List Post

Hand Written Letters and Notes
When a song builds up to a key change
Opening a jar on my own
The sound a bag of chips makes when you open it
When shoes click on tile flooring
Birds calling to each other
The color pink
Sunshine and Warmth
Leaving work on a Friday night
Stone Buildings
Tall trees with big leaves
Driving with the windows down (regardless of how cold it is)
Bow ties
Coming home to a clean apartment
Videos of my Guinea Pigs
Silly cat videos
Sending relationship memes to the guy I'm seeing
Knowing (and singing along) to every song in a musical
A new tube of lipstick
Yelling to myself about other people speeding because I'm speeding and they're passing me
People who stop to let you pet their dog on the street
My Brothers
Streetlights that flicker
People who want to make sure I get home safely
Ordering food because I don't have to cook it
Deep Conversations
Other Bloggers and their blogs
Classes being cancelled
Taking a hot shower after a long day
Fresh notebooks and pens
Being able to call my family almost whenever
Finally understanding something I've struggled with
Going up some stairs without getting winded
When people help others get up after slipping on the ice
Those rare few who appreciate me for doing my job
Using up all of a tube of chapstick before losing it
Vintage Candy
Taking and editing photos
Being told I'm good at adulting
When I actually adult
People who read all of my posts in their entirety ;)

What are things that make you smile? 
I'll see you on Tuesday!


  1. I love this post! Putting all the things that you smile in one place!
    Zoe's vlogs defiantly make me smile too, and of course the colour pink!

    Molly | www.mollyeez.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks! Zoe's vlogs are the best, I could watch them forever and be totally happy!


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