Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Back in December 2016, my mom got me a year subscription from Ipsy to receive their monthly Glam Bags.

How it works:
You sign up, and take a quiz
5 products are chosen for you based on the quiz
You receive your glam bag, and get to use your 5 products and enjoy the bag!

One of the most important parts is going online and reviewing the products that you were sent. This helps them choose what to send you in future glam blags. Plus, you can retake the quiz at any point to update and refine your preferences even more.

This subscription service is only $10 a month, or $110 for a year. Shipping is free within the USA, which is really awesome as well. $10 is a really good price considering the quality of the makeup and the bags that you're getting, but with an Ipsy subscription you also gain access to deals from the makers of the products, giveaways, and a rewards program where you're able to redeem points for products.

Over the year of getting glam bags, I've gotten lots of full size and sample size products that I've loved. There were only a few times when I got products I didn't like, and through my reviews I was able to let Ipsy know. At first I wasn't super thrilled about having a million different little bags, but they really do come in handy for me all the time. I have coins in one, hairties/clips in another, and they make storing my lipsticks a lot easier! I've also used them as pencil cases before and travel makeup bags.

I'm going to give a kind of quick overview of some of the products that I received in mine over the course of this past year!

I got loads of eyeshadows, bronzers, blush, and highlighters.

Face Primers were something I loved getting! Plus, they were from such great brands!

I'm a big lipstick person, so getting full size lipsticks as well as a few sample size ones were amazing for me!

I've also gotten a few face masks over the course of my subscription!

There are tons more products I've been sent in my glam bag that don't fit into those top categories. Things like eyeliner, mascara samples, creams, oils, fragrances, nail polish, facial cleansers, foundation and BB cream samples, and self tanner. 

Makeup application tools are my favorite thing to get in my glam bags. I've been sent so many beauty sponges and brushes to try that I haven't had to go out and buy my own from the store since I started my subscription. They're such nice quality, and they're always different.

At the beginning of this year I contemplated whether or not I would continue to pay to get the glam bags after the year subscription from my mom ran out. I actually cancelled my subscription for about a week, during which I was really sad that I wouldn't be getting any more products and bags. I then promptly re-subscribed. $10 isn't a huge price for a college student to pay every month, plus the shipping is free and I get products that are worth more than the $10 I got them for.

I very highly recommend this subscription service! If you love beauty products you'll love getting your glam bag every month.

Have you tried Ipsy before? I'd love to know what you thought about it!
I'll see you on Thursday!

(I'm not being sponsored at all to write this post)


  1. This sounds really interesting! I love trying new beauty products!

    Molly | www.mollyeez.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's awesome! If you love trying beauty products you should totally check it out!


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