Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017 Overview

Okay, I know this post is going up much later than usual, but I have a good reason! I'm in college and trying to work at the same time. I also used to plan and write up several posts in advance, but I've been more actively writing these posts the day of or the night before.

This is the very first monthly overview I've done for 2017! To be honest, January was a really tough month for me, but I also found a lot of happiness during it all.

As you know from THIS post, things with my roommate haven't been the greatest. New year, same roommate I guess! However, I've gotten into the routine of cleaning on my own and it's been a good stress reliever for me on Saturdays. Sometimes all I need to feel better is to roll up my sleeves and jump into the mess! (It doesn't hurt having a really clean apartment either - that's a nice thing to come back to).

One of my neighbors in my apartment complex got a puppy! I was worried at first that it would make a lot of noise, but it's actually really well behaved! It only barks when someone knocks at their door, but that's typically only during the day so it doesn't bother me at all. There's nothing better than seeing a really happy puppy running around in a little coat in the snow! It's been a huge bright spot in my days.

(Just a side note - that is my very own footprint in the snow that's photographed at the beginning of this post! I have very round toes...... #aesthetic)

 Getting back to school at the beginning of January, I was really happy to put Jimmy and Shellbert in with Sebastian for the very first time! Later on I did have the fish tank disaster... But I was actually really happy about being able to get a new tank relatively quickly and without too much trouble. I've still been really enjoying having them and being able to watch them swimming around. Pets are an amazing thing.

One of the biggest parts of January for me was starting my Second Semester of classes! Like I said in that post, I'm really happy to be here at school and to be taking the classes that I am. So far, I've been able to keep up with all of the work, which I'm really proud of myself for. I make daily lists of everything I need to do, which is a huge help when it comes to keeping up (If you're interested I can do a post about my planner and my lists - let me know).

Work has been really hard but it's also been really great to be able to work such flexible hours. I'm still covering my own electricity and rent, and working as much as I do lets me be able to do that! Plus, one of the perks of working for the school that I go to, I get time off for my exams and other important school related things that may happen (like if the school has a snow day, then I don't have to work either!).

Really the main thing that has been getting me down is all of the snow and ice and gray skies. I'm ready for it to be warm enough that the air doesn't hurt my face and I can wear cute shoes again. For all of January, I've been walking practically everywhere because the road conditions are so bad and it takes such a long time to chip my car out of the ice. It takes up a lot more time than driving, but I've been feeling a lot better since I've been walking. My body feels like it's working better, and I'm not as winded doing simple things anymore which is super great!

January was also really awesome in that I've really gotten a good list of blogs and bloggers that I really like! It's been awesome to go over and check out the content other bloggers are creating and being able to comment as well as getting comments on my own posts! I've also been a lot more active on social media (mostly twitter - @tosmileblog) posting updates, links to my newest blogs, and some other random things!

Surprisingly enough I've found the time to be able to watch a lot of new things on Netflix! I'll get posts up about the shows that I've been loving if you guys are interested in my reviews!

All in all, I had a great start to 2017! Hopefully it'll stay this way... Haha

I'll see you on Tuesday!

(For my last post I did a list of songs that I've been loving. Would anyone be interested if I made a spotify and just linked the playlists that I make for posts? Let me know, because I'm down to do that!)


  1. I love list making and organising, I would love to see a post some tips and advice on how you do it!
    Molly |

    1. Awesome! I'll be sure to get that post up soon! Thanks for always commenting :)

    2. No problem, I love your blog, thanks for posting great posts!

      Molly |


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