Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Roommate Update - March 2017

Ew. Is this another roommate update?

Why yes.

Yes it is.

If you want to read up on all of my roommate updates, you can see my previous posts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. (Yes, they're in order, so you can start from the beginning with the first HERE and go in order)

So my roommate has been really hermity. She'd hardly been leaving the apartment - not even to go to classes. I found this to be really worrying, even though I may not like her if she was having struggles with mental illness I still wanted her to be okay. However, she of course wasn't going to talk to me about it. Which may be mostly because of me - it's not like I've been the nicest roommate to her either.

More recently, she's been up to her usual things that really get on my nerves. Never cleaning, never doing her own dishes, not sharing anything, making a lot of noise really late at night.

The medicine cabinet that she ripped the door off of (I talked about it in the most recent post I did about my roommate) was just barely put back together by her before spring break (about the 8th of March). However, she didn't put it on correctly, so it doesn't exactly open. She assumed that eventually I would give up and call to have it fixed, but because I didn't break it off I wasn't going to be the one to fix it. Rather than getting maintenance to come and fix it, she attempted it herself and did it wrong.

I know, the last post went up in January! That medicine cabinet door was off for almost 3 months!

In my last post I told the story of how my roommate came stomping down when I was making chicken nuggets and got mad because she thought I was "banging around"... Well not too long ago, I dropped a bottle of juice when I was in the kitchen. It was a plastic bottle, so it made a loud noise but it didn't break or anything - I just picked it up and put it back in the fridge where I keep it.

Well, once again, she came stomping down the stairs. This time, though, she went "What did you brake. I heard that noise, something must be broken."

I really, really, REALLY wanted to look at her and say "Oh, you mean like the medicine cabinet door?"

However, I didn't say that... I just said I'd dropped the juice and she kind of scoffed and went back up to her room.

Now when it comes to the apartment, we originally planned to have things split evenly between the two of us. As you well know, that didn't work out at all. She only brought her own things that she uses, and I brought my own things that I use as well as the things that we both use.

The wifi router is mine, the blender, the showerhead and shower curtain, the microwave, TOILET PAPER, etc.

She has, not once, purchased any toilet paper. This whole year. She'll gladly let us run out and start using tissues (which, by the way, cloggs the toilet that she then leaves) until I give in and go buy more toilet paper.

In about mid February she ran out of paper towels. When she moved in, her brother in law and sister bought a bunch of groceries for her which included paper towels. After she ran out she asked me if she could use some of my paper towels - which turned into me supplying the paper towels as well as the toilet paper. I guess me letting her use the paper towels once meant she could keep using them forever.

I've attempted to get her to buy her own paper towels, as well as trying to work out an "I bought the toilet paper this time, you'll buy it next time"  thing, but she'll have nothing to do with it.

Keep in mind, though, this is the same girl that lost her mind when she found out I put myself on what was meant to be a joint account to pay my half of the electric bill. Nothing's shadier than when your roommate refuses to add you to the account, tells you that she'll pay it in full and that I have to "pay back" my half in cash every month.

To make things a little bit worse, we ran out of trash bags. The only thing she brought that we both use are the two trash cans in the Kitchen. I'm the only one who ever takes the trash out, so I assumed that it wouldn't be that big of a deal for her to be the one to buy the trash bags for her own cans. However, when we ran out of the few we had, she made no move to get any more.

Being the passive aggressive person that I am, I started throwing things away in the unbagged trash cans. If she doesn't want the trash going directly into her trash cans then she can buy new bags. We'll see if she actually does get new trash bags. Until then, I've also made it harder on myself taking out the trash, because I have to carry out the trash cans to dump them.

Now, you've seen my hair before (HERE). I have almost shoulder length hair.  My roommate has extremely long hair - long enough that she can sit on it. In a previous post I explained how she showers ALL THE TIME. Well I went and got this little thing that you put in the drain so that it's easier to clear out the hair so it wouldn't get clogged as often. Despite how easy it is to clear the hair out with the little thingy in the drain, she won't clear out her own hair! Now I've been getting her hair out of the drain for the whole year, so it's not that big of a deal anymore...

The main thing now is that, if I don't get her hair out after a day or two, she'll continue to shower even though the tub (because it's a shower-bathtub duo) fills up because there's so much hair in the drain. Often times, for some crazy reason, she'll wait until there's a lot of hair blocking the drain and the tub fills up during her shower to shave her entire body.

That means that, because the water isn't draining properly, the entire tub gets covered in her stubble/hair! Which is so gross! And, of course, she'll leave it. She'll leave her hair all over in the tub as well as the hair in the drain. So I've been having to do full cleanings of the tub and drain in order to use it myself and not be completely grossed out.

Like I've said in other posts about my roommate, she doesn't clean her half of the bathroom and I won't clean it for her. However, I've since realized that she's going to move out at the beginning of May (which is when the semester ends) and she most likely isn't going to clean anything before she moves out.

The official lease goes until the end of June, which is how long I'm staying for. So after she moves out at the beginning of May I'll be living in the apartment on my own for the rest of May and all of June.

So when she moves out and doesn't clean anything, I'm going to have to clean everything so that I'm not living in filth anymore for the last two months. A whole year of not cleaning her half of things only to have to clean it all after she moves out. Bleh.

In my next update I'll have to let you know if she does clean anything or buys more trash bags or any toilet paper. However, I highly doubt it... Hahaha

Well this was a really long, kind of angry post! I'll see you on Thursday!

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