Thursday, March 9, 2017

What I Am, With Pride (Sprinkle of Glitter "I'm SO Sorry" Response)

It comes as no surprise to anyone that I am indeed a Sprinkle of Glitter fan. Louise makes some of the best videos on the internet, most of which are motivational and/or very honest about real life. For International Women's Day yesterday she posted the video "I'm SO Sorry", which I've put in the top of this post for your convenience (I don't think any of you assumed that the video was mine, I'm not taking credit for making it at all, I think that's pretty clear... Yeah).

 I watched it and I realized a lot of things about myself.

Much like Louise says in the video, I apologize for things that I shouldn't have to apologize for. Some of those things relating to my appearance... "Oh, I have a lot of layers on, I'm not actually this size", "These glasses aren't very cute, I've had to wear them this week", "I promise I'm not sick, this is just my face, I'm sorry I don't look the greatest today".... and some of the things had to do with several of the other aspects of my life. Things like "Sorry, I know it's not ladylike to  _________".

In actual fact, people know that I'm wearing layers because it's cold outside and everyone is wearing layers. People don't care what my glasses look like, or whether or not I'm wearing glasses or contacts that day. People don't care whether or not I wear makeup.

And the thing is - I am a lady. Whatever I do is ladylike, because I am a lady and I'm doing those things.

(That kind of reminds me of a post I saw last summer that said "If you want a bikini body, just put a bikini on your body, weight has nothing to do with it")

For my whole life I've made myself small. I'm quiet, I keep my things out of other people's ways, I don't answer questions or ask them, I avoid eye contact with people I perceive as being above me, I follow the strongest personality in a group, I do my best to keep from talking about myself.

Never before have I been vocal about what I think about things, especially political things. I often think that my opinions aren't important enough to share with others. That most definitely isn't the case! My opinions matter, and I may be one person, but there are so many other women out there who are strong and firm in the same beliefs as me who are out there doing something about them. I'm hoping to be more open with my opinions in the future, and being more vocal about those opinions.

As a college student, most people only ask me what year in school I am and what I'm studying. That's all. I've always answered very directly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I've realized that I downplay what I'm here to do, and what I've had to do to get here.

Here is the list of things that I am, with pride:

I am a Double Major
I am a proud Guinea Pig lover and owner
I am great at customer service
I am a master at binge watching baking shows
I am a sister and daughter
I am taking 16 credit hours worth of classes
I am a lover of all things Yoga
I work 17-20 hours a week
I have been a zoo volunteer and intern
I write a moderately successful blog
I am a huge lover of marching bands (and was in one for a while)
I am independent
I am a Woman

Much like Louise, I would love it if you would comment to let me know what you are with pride, or if you've noticed that you do anything of those other things as well. 

I'll see you on Tuesday!


  1. I love this post! Very motivating, and Louise is so inspiring!

    Molly |


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