Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 2017 Roommate Update - Last One

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I guess you could say that the main update that I have for you about my roommate is that she did buy trash bags. She asked me first if I wanted to her get them, but she did get them. And although she got the complete wrong size for her own trash cans, I've been making it work - you know, because I'm the only one who takes the trash out.

Speaking of trash, my roommate has been especially gross recently. 

I take out the kitchen trash twice a week, one of those times being on Saturday. Now, I know that I do indeed produce quite a bit of trash, but I definitely do not produce the amount of trash requiring taking out two large trash bags twice a week. 

My roommate only eats microwave dinners that come in a lot of packaging so the trash fills up really quickly and it smells completely terrible. 

In addition to the smelly food packaging, she's been going through her canned food. The same day as I had taken out the trash, she opened a can of fruit, decided it had come bad, and poured the syrup as well as the rancid fruit into the empty trash bag. For some weird reason she rinsed out the can and then threw it away separately. 

I had to take out the trash again because the smell was so bad, which was really frustrating to me.

We have a garbage disposal on our sink, so she very well could have put it all down the garbage disposal and then thrown away the can. But NNooOooOO... she had her dirty, crusty dishes piled high in the sink covering up the disposal!

More recently, she's been especially ashamed when she's had company over that only her half of things were really gross. In a small attempt to clean, she took a wet paper towel and ran it over everything. Nothing looks that much cleaner - it looks like everything was just spread around - but I guess it's a baby step towards being cleaner. If only she'd started with this at the beginning of the school year! 

Over the course of this year, my roommate has sent me several nastygrams about throwing away old food before offering it to her. Moldy leftover muffins and bread, a hard as a rock brownie, an expired yogurt cup, etc. Of course I threw those things out while taking out the trash. However, more recently, she's started to ask me for my food that has started to go bad or is nearing its expiration date. In some cases, she's decided when something of mine had reached a state that I disapprove of and asks to have it. 

For some reason, she also seems to have been monitoring how much of something I'm eating and how often. She'll typically use the frequency that I eat something as a reason as to why I should let her have it.

While I was at work, she texted me asking to eat my bananas because they were started to go brown and she didn't want to have to buy her own. 

Knowing full well that my own bananas had a few small brown flecks on them, I didn't let her have any of my bananas. When they're browning is when they taste the best! Besides, what does it matter to her how often/when I choose to eat my bananas? 

Normally I wouldn't be so up in arms about food - I know how to share, and I don't think of myself as a wasteful person, but when it comes to my roommate... She gets nothing.

This girl, asking me for food that I bought myself with my money, is the same girl who wouldn't let me borrow an egg. Or use her milk for breakfast because I was out. Or snag one of her granola bars when I was running late for class and didn't have time to get something. Geez, this girl even got mad at me once for putting her dishes away for her after I ran the dishwasher!

By the time you're reading this (May 9th) My roommate will have already moved out! Hooray!! I wrote this particular post in advance because the 9th is my brother's birthday.

She'll have moved out on the 6th while I was at work, so I came home to a nice empty apartment, happy to be on my own! When she originally told me that she was leaving on the 6th, I was boiling some hot dogs for lunch and she very abruptly was like "When are you moving out". When I told her I wasn't moving out until the end of June when the lease ends she said that she was leaving on the 6th. She then very angrily asked me if I don't like her and why, and that she's felt like I've been avoiding her! I was just like "Umm... I'm just making lunch for myself" and she kind of scoffed and went back up to her room.

I'm so happy to be done with her! Although I will have to clean her half of everything... It'll be worth it to have her out of here.

I'll see you on Thursday :)

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