Thursday, May 4, 2017


I know I already posted today, but I have an update for you. My betta Sebastian passed away a few days ago. He lasted about a year after I bought him from my local Walmart.

It hit me really hard because I was trying to take my final exams, and although I had thought Sebastian was on his way out I was really hoping that he would make it. I then had a fish shaped hole in my heart and in my fish tank.

After I finished all of my exams and was officially done with my classes today, I went to the actual pet store in the next town over to look at their bettas.

I wasn't sure what kind of betta I would get because they had several different types, but I was expecting to lean towards a Crowntail Betta because that's the type Sebastian was. However, the one that caught my eye that I absolutely loved was a Dragon Scale Betta. 

I have named him Phillip.

Yes, I still have Jimmy and Shellbert. Phillip gets along with them just fine, just like Sebastian did. He was a little bit unsure about them at first, but since then they've gotten used to each other.


  1. No matter how small, a pet is always part of our family. Sorry for your loss, but I hope you can make new memories with your beautiful new fish!

    Nicole | Malokoko

    1. I agree, I always have so much love for my pets :) I'm excited to see how Phillip's personality shines.


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