Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer in a Small Town

For all of May and June I've been staying in my little college town to work, which has been dandy!

I love how quiet it is, and how quickly I'm able to drive around because there's absolutely no traffic anywhere.

There aren't any lines, the stores never run out of anything - and there's all the cool summer stuff going on like farmer's markets and swimming.

A group of people I know recently went out cliff diving because that season opened up here!
(Don't worry, there's a company that does it and they ensure it's as safe as cliff jumping can be)

One of the best parts for me was being able to see Wonder Woman right when it opened in theaters because there were only about 30 people in the whole theater, and of those 30 about half were there to see Wonder Woman! So I got both arm rests because no one sat by me! And really, what more could you want out of life?

I've been loving being here, and being able to have all of the luxuries that come with staying in a small college town when all of the students are gone.

I do understand how some people wouldn't enjoy it though... Even though there are no lines, all of your options are always the same, and you only have about 20 options. 20 may not being enough to keep someone entertained and happy for an entire two months.

However, there's a way to make it feel as if there are tons and tons of things to do!

Work 40 hours a week...

No, I'm just kidding!

In all seriousness though, the best way to get through a summer in a small town is to keep busy. Whether that means you plan friend parties every night, or you go swimming for a certain amount of time every day, or you plan to go to the markets every week (even if you only sit and people watch from a food establishment).

For me, when I'm not working, I like to go for hikes and take photos. That's something that I really enjoy, and it's different every day. Otherwise I go see movies (movies change pretty often, which is great) or I hang out with my friends to play board games, picnic, or just to talk for hours!

The summer nights where I am are beyond beautiful, so sometimes it's worth it just to sit outside and watch the world happen from a happy little perch above it all (which is part of why I enjoy hiking in the summer).

All in all, there's nothing like summer in a small town whether you love it or not. In my case, I really love it!

Do you live in a small town? What are things you love to do in the summer? I'd love to know!

I'll see you on Tuesday


  1. Your summer sounds like fun! I live in a fairly small village but it's an easy bus ride into the town (even though it seems to take forever) In the summer I like to go into town and shop or have picnics with my friends.

    Molly |

    1. Bus rides always feel like they take forever! Haha There isn't really a good way to speed up a bus ride. All in all, your summer sounds fun too :) Shopping and picnics are a great way to spend a day.


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