Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thoughts on Moving and Other Complete Craziness

Previously, my summer plans were to stay in my college town until the end of my lease (the end of June) and then go back to my hometown for the month of July... Well things haven't gone at all according to plan!

A few weeks ago, my dad called me right before I was going to sleep and told me that I would be able to become a resident of the state I'm going to school in if I could find a place to live for the month of July (because my next lease would start up again in August for my new apartment).

(Side note, I'm living in school owned apartments so they have us leave for the month of July to "clean". I'm going to be moving into a different school owned apartment, with a different roommate than my previous one, in August)

That gave me a little over two weeks to find a place to live.

Luckily someone from my church had a spare room that they were willing to rent to me for a month! Which was extremely fortunate for me!

I had to get my phone and my car in my own name, register my car in this state, and get my driver's license for this state (all of my other bills/renting was already in my own name within this state). Then, with all of that stuff and my proof of living here for a full 12 months, I'll apply for my official residency.

Tomorrow, after I get off from work, I'll have to load up all of my things and make the trip to my new place where I'll be for July. I have a small car, so it'll most likely take me several trips before I'm fully moved. (And yes, I will be doing all of the moving completely on my own.)

Just add to it all, I got jury duty for the first week in July.

I'll have to move all of my things, on my own, and then leave for a week to go home to fulfill my jury duty. Then I'll drive back up to my college town to work 40 hour weeks up until I have to move AGAIN into my August apartment where I'll be for this next school year.

I've got a lot of rent and bills to pay on top of the gas money I need to get home for jury duty. Not to mention the upcoming textbooks and school supplies I'll need to get.

It's been particularly stressful and heartbreaking for me all at once because my mom then dropped another ball on me. My parents have decided to move house as well.

That's not it, though!

I called my mom to talk to her about all of the moving and work stuff that I've got going on, and I kind of already knew that they were planning on moving. But my mom didn't want to hear about anything that I wanted to talk about or was worried about. She told me that they're for sure moving and that they aren't going to be taking my guinea pigs with them.

In fact, they wanted me to rehome them before the start trying to sell the house because they'll "turn away potential buyers". My mom then ended the call because she needed to meet with the realtor.

It didn't help that the next day, when I tried to talk to my mom again about how much stress I've been feeling, she complained to me about having to box up the stuff in the garage, and that I'm lucky I don't have to do that.

I would do anything to have my biggest worry be boxing up the garage!

Everything in my life has been completely out of control. It's been to the point where I haven't been sleeping well because I'm so stressed and worried and upset all the time about everything. June has been trying to kill me, and it doesn't look like July is looking any better....

This was a really long kind of angry/ranty post... But I really just needed to get it out into the world somehow.

I'll see you on Tuesday

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