Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 2017 Overview

Hello! It's been a while! Basically a whole month, actually... A whole lot has happened since my June and July update on here, and I won't go into a whole lot of detail because I'm planning other posts as well, but this will give you a better idea of where I was for all of August!

So I did move, I've touched on that quite a bit in previous posts, and it's been really awesome being so settled in and not having to worry about another move. My roommate did get all moved in, and so far it's going so spectacularly well! We get along perfectly, and we've been having a lot of fun hanging out and having each other to talk to all the time about everything.

Now... In my last post I mentioned a new relationship with this guy that I work with... Well, as of August 8th, we officially became a couple! I couldn't be happier about it! For all of August we would go on dates and see each other - literally - every other day, and it was the best ever. I'm not going to talk a whole bunch about my relationship, because I do want to keep my personal stuff at least a little personal... So that's probably all I'll say about it for the time being. But like... lowkey we're the cutest...

As you may have guessed from the starting photo, I do have my guinea pigs with me and I am absolutely loving it. There was a little bit of a rough patch where they were getting adjusted to being in the new place, but since then they've been their normal selves! I love having them, but I'm also starting to realize that I have to set a timer for myself or else I'll spend a whole afternoon playing with them and holding them rather than doing my schoolwork - which isn't a good plan.

On a more exciting note, I was granted residency for the state I'm going to school in, so I'm getting in-state tuition now! Which is beyond stupendous for a lot of reasons! Then, two days after I got residency, I went with one of my friends to a piercing shop and I got two cartilage piercings. No one in my family really knows about it yet, but I really love how they look and it feels really normal to me to have them.

Hmm... What else....

School started for me on the 21st of August, and after the first week I was already feeling pretty overwhelmed. For some reason the start of the year is just as stressful to me as the exam weeks, because everything for the whole semester is laid out and it all seems really intense. Like there's no way that I'd be able to everything that all of the classes are trying to get me to do. The first day of classes was really laid back because of the eclipse, which was really awesome to see even though my school wasn't in the path for the total eclipse we still got a really good view of it.

At this point, I know that things aren't going to be settling down for me because school adds a lot more into my plans along with work and my new relationship. However, this blog has always been a good stress reliever for me, and I really enjoy posting, so I'm going to be better about making time for writing posts. For the most part, I may write posts when I have time and schedule them for my normal posting time... Which isn't as much of what I like doing, because it doesn't feel as current/genuine to me, but it'll be the best I can do while I have school going on!

Thanks for not giving up hope while I was away for a month! I'll see you on Thursday!

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  1. Its good to see your enjoying yourself! I did wonder where you had gone, I'm glad you're well!


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