Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Cartilage Piercings

I'd been thinking about getting my cartilage pierced for a long time, but I'd never had the nerve to actually do it. 

I wasn't helped very much by The Gabbie Show's video about getting 5 piercings in one day, because her reaction and description of the pain level was kind of terrifying to me! I didn't want that much pain going on! But afterwards her ears looked really really good... So then I was feeling really indecisive again.

One of my coworkers actually came into work a few days after Gabbie posted that video with 2 new cartilage piercings, and I though they were so cute. She recommended a place to me here in town, and even said that she would go with me if I was worried about it.

So, on Friday the 18th, I went to the shop with my coworker and explained to the piercer what I wanted to have done. Originally I was planning for 3, but when he was putting the marker on to see where they would go I liked the look of 2 better than 3 for my ear. 

Here they are!
(Sorry about the poor quality photo, I snapped it on my phone really quickly)

So far they've been healing up really well! They don't hurt at all anymore, and I was lucky enough to not have any swelling even after they're were freshly pierced.

The shop I went to is known for being the best in my area for both tattoos and piercings, so I felt comfortable going there because I knew they would do a good job. The piercer himself was really easy to talk to, which is great because I felt like he was also really listening to what it was that I wanted. 

I think the most fun part was deciding which jewelry I wanted to get. He had a whole bunch of options and colors of gems for me to choose from. At the end I was debating between a dark pink colored gem and the clear ones that I ended up going with. A majority of what I own is a dark pink color, but I thought that the clear ones would match more things. 

Now, the pain... One of the main things that I was worried about in getting the new piercings was the pain. 

The only piercing I had before this were my lobes, which I had pierced when I was 8 years old in a Claire's in my local mall. That basically meant that I had no reference of what the pain would be like for me, or memory of what the aftercare is like. The piercer knew all of this and was more than willing to answer all of my questions as well as giving me a detailed sheet of care instructions to make sure that I would heal really easily and as painlessly as possible. 

The best way I can describe what it felt like for me was like getting pinched. A strong, but brief, pinch.

He did put a slight numbing agent on my ear, so that may have played a part in why it didn't hurt at all for me. 

Most of the pain came later as I realized that I probably wouldn't be sleeping with that ear down on my pillow for a while. 

I love them, and I love how they look! I'm really comfortable with them - it actually feels as if I've always had them. Like they've always been there and been a part of my overall look. 

They'll take a while to heal, but I'm planning on investing in a pair of the pink earrings for them to be able to switch between the two because pink is my most worn color.

As soon as my coworker and I got back to my car after I got them done, we sat down and she said "So what are you going to get pierced next!?" Haha I'm not sure if I'll get any more piercings any time soon - definitely not before the ones I have now are completely healed. I'm open to new ideas though, so if you have any suggestions for ones you think would look good be sure to let me know!

Have you ever thought about getting piercings? Let me know which ones!

I'll see you on Thursday!


  1. It looks really good! I have two earlobe piercings which I really like, I have thought about getting more piercings but for now I'm happy the two!

    Molly | mollyeez.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks so much! And that's awesome! I've thought about getting a second earlobe piercing, but for some reason I haven't gone for that yet... Haha Maybe I will in the future :)


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