Thursday, September 7, 2017

Smuggling my Guinea Pigs to College

This is no secret - I've brought my guinea pigs into my school owned apartment.

My parents decided over the summer that they were going to move, and they no longer wanted to take care of my guinea pigs while I was away at school. At first, their solution was to have me rehome them while not being in the same state as them, so that they wouldn't be in the house during showings. However, just thinking about not having them anymore made me unbelievable upset, so I talked to my roommate and made a plan to smuggle them into my apartment so that I would be able to keep them and be able to take care of them myself.

I moved into this apartment in the early morning as soon as I was able to get my keys. At the time that I was moving in, I was alone in moving in. There wasn't anyone around to see my mom and I carrying my boys and their supplies up into my room.

There was a time when they were adjusting, and they spent most of their time jumping out and running around to explore as well as spending a lot of time hiding. However, after about a week they were totally back to their normal selves - happy and trying to eat everything within their reach.

For the time being, I'm technically not supposed to have them... I've been working on the paperwork to be able to keep them as emotional support, but as of right now they're secrets and aren't going to be very avidly talked about (which is really hard for me).

I might do another post specifically about how I have them setup in my apartment, so let me know if that's something you'd be interesting!

I'll see you on Tuesday!

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