Thursday, September 14, 2017

Work Bits - A Job Update

I can't remember the last time I did a post about my job, but a lot has happened over the summer with it, so I thought it would be worth making a post about.

As you know, I got this job back before my first year of college, and I was beyond happy about it. I was working specifically at school events on the weekends and I was happy to be earning some money while also taking classes.

Not too long after getting hired on for events I was asked to move up to ticketing, which would have regular weekly hours as well as event hours. I jumped on the chance, and I was really happy to be given a promotion within the department because it meant I must be doing something right!

Well, in about mid-june they moved me up to working in the office on the other side of the tickets and permit sales! So I moved up again!

My previous boss recommended me for the position, and the other office staff jumped on the opportunity to have me working with them.

When I first started off it was a little bit tricky because I wasn't allowed to "help" people with parking tickets that I had written them before starting on exclusively doing office work (I guess I'm biased about them? I have no idea why they'd think that...). However, because of my background in ticketing I was really good at explaining the tickets to people as well as knowing where they were parked and which permits were valid there.

One of the biggest learning curved for me in moving to the office was learning about permit sales.

There's quite a bit that goes into how many permits are sold for each area, who's able to get which permits, and the different payment and pick-up options that are available depending on their employment and class standing related to the school.

At first I missed being out and walking around campus, but I really don't miss the sunburns and being yelled at by total strangers.

Funnily enough, people typically don't yell at me when they come in with a ticket - most likely because a lot of the students here view me as holding the fate of their ticket, so if they're mean to me I may make them pay it when they don't have to (which isn't the case at all, we have a set protocol with the tickets and what we're able to do when people come in with them).

It's been both nice and stressful moving into office work because I get a lot more hours. I'm working 18 hours a week, plus events, on top of being a full time student. I'm just trucking along over here doing the best I can juggling everything!

There's something really great about being able to advance in a job, even if it's mostly because positions open up frequently. (It's a college town, so new job open up when students graduate and move on to bigger and better things).  It's really reassuring to know that I'm doing a great job at what I do!

This was kind of a chatty post! Haha I'm not sure how to wrap it up, so I'll just end here,

I'll see you on Tuesday!

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