Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My Favorite Fall Beverage

This really isn't going to be a very long post, but I think it would be wrong not to talk about my favorite drink for the fall! I make it myself, although you can purchase it from most coffee shops - and that's Chai Tea with Vanilla syrup.

I prefer the Tazo classic chai tea bags, I think that they have the best flavor. I typically will mix in some milk as well, any milk will do, and then some of the Torani French Vanilla syrup.

To be completely honest, I normally put in probably way too much of the syrup because I prefer my teas to be sweet, but you could add however much you wanted because you really can't go wrong with the Torani syrups.

I've been making this in the mornings before starting my day, and it's been really lovely. To me it taste pretty pumpkiny even though it doesn't actually have pumpkin spice in it. This has been my go to fall beverage for the past few years! There's really nothing better on a cold morning than a nice mug of chai tea!

Have you tried this kind of tea before? Are there any kinds of teas that you think I should try in the future?

I'll see you on Thursday!

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