Wednesday, November 8, 2017

October 2017 Overview

I know I've missed quite a few posts... In my last post I had talked up upcoming posts for the rest of that month, but of course I missed posting those, so I'm moving them to be posted this month - so don't worry about missing anything!

Everything has been really hectic in my life at the moment, mostly because of school but also with the upcoming Thanksgiving Break and my travel plans to go home for both the holiday and for my birthday (which is on the 24th).

I had mostly exams all through October, them being the last exams before my final exams in December that mark the end of the semester. I also had quite a few papers and things due as well, which didn't really help me with the whole "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" thing that I've been doing.

October came with a lot of changes in my life.

At work, everyone pretty much quick in the front office except for me and one other girl, which left us with a heavy load of work to do all on our own when we were there between classes. However, we were lucky enough to hire some new people really quickly. They aren't fully trained yet, but based on the work that they've been able to do so far it looks as if they're going to be some great workers. I'm mostly looking forward to when I won't have to keep training them, and can go back to my regular work load.

I also had to come to come to terms with the fact that I won't be able to take internships that are outside of where I'm going to school because of being unable to leave my guinea pigs for long periods of time. However, I'm hoping to be able to get more involved with research that's being conducted by Graduate Students at my school so that even though I won't be able to get as much field experience I'll be getting research experience and a lot of animal care experience. Right now I'm helping take care of some rabbits that are being used for a behavioral research study, and I'm really enjoying!

I also came to understand that in double majoring I'm trying to do a lot more than most of the other students at my school, which also means that I'll be at the school for a longer amount of time to be able to accomplish what I'm planning to. After coming to terms with the fact that I'm probably going to be at this school forever, I decided to try for a Forestry Minor as well... It's only one additional class, and in terms of forever I'm sure that I'll have the time for that one extra class. So when I'm all finished at the end of forever, I'll have two majors and a minor, and hopefully a leg up when it comes to finding a job doing what I love.

Alrighty... On a lighter note, I watched a lot of new things in October. I watched La La Land with my roommate (It was awesome, I highly recommend it), the second season of Stranger Things, and the new Netflix Original Series called Alias Grace. I loved both of those Netflix shows, so if you're looking for something new to watch I would for sure check them out. I could write about a post about them and what I think about them if you'd like! Just let me know!

For me, October was jam packed, but all in all it was a really great month. I'm pretty excited about getting a break, and being able to sleep, and being able to take some time for myself in the upcoming Thanksgiving Break from school. Bot to mention the fact that it'll be my birthday.. Haha I'll be sure to do a post afterwards about what I got for my birthday.

I hope you all had a great October! I'll see you Tomorrow for another new post!

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