Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Last Minute Post? I'll See If I Think Of Things To Say As I Go Along? Maybe It'll Turn Out Pretty Good? *Awkward Smiley Face*

Yup. You read that title.

I planned on having a post already planned and ready to go for today that would go up at my normal time on 2:30 Pacific Time, but I totally blew it.

I stumbled through my finals week, making it out barely alive, and drove home with my guinea pigs in the back seat trying to get home ahead of a big snow storm that was brewing.

After my finals, I assumed that I would get some breathing room and time to relax being at home without classes or work to worry about, which I was completely wrong about.... I got home, and my family quickly left for a family outing, and the same thing the next day. On Monday, my mom was back home and she had an outing planned for the day with just my younger brother and I, which involved a lot of running around to shops and being in crowded places trying to pick and buy things. Today I hoped I would finally have my relaxing day to myself, but it was filled with more outings and plans.

I just haven't been able to slow down and breathe! I feel almost like I haven't been able to since September when I had my gall bladder out!

For the most part, I'm actually looking forward to the holiday season being over, because then everything will slow down, and I'll have some real time to decompress before figuring out all of my school stuff again.

My final grades haven't even been posted yet, and family members keep asking me what classes I'm doing next semester and whether or not I've looked up and bought the textbooks yet or not!

It's times like these where I wish that I had more time. Not just time to relax, but more time in general. I feel like everything is flying by so quickly that I can't keep up with it all. I want to do everything, but twenty four hours isn't enough time for everything! Especially if I want to get some sleep!

I have some plans for what I want the future to be, and for how I want things to go, and I'm hoping that those things will happen in the new year. I've also got some blog posts planned, which I'll hopefully get up on time (unlike this post!), and I've got some resolutions and reflections that I want to do.

Right now, it's not even 8:30pm and I'm already ready for bed, exhausted from the day, and looking forward to trying to sleep in (which I haven't been able to do yet, my body still thinks I need to be up at 6am every day for classes and/or work). Hopefully things will look up from here!

I'll see you on Thursday!

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