Thursday, December 28, 2017

My 2017

I was living in my first campus owned apartment with a horrible roommate that I really really didn't like or get along with. In this month I learned the value of cleaning up my messy apartment even though I was cleaning it all by myself, and my next door neighbor in my apartment complex got a puppy! At the beginning of this year, I got to put Jimmy and Shellbert with Sebastian who was my beta fish at the time, and I was really happy/excited about increasing my little aquatic family at school. I started my second semester of classes for my Sophomore Year in College, and I was doing a great job keeping up with the work load from both work and school. The only downside were the gray skies and snow that were discouraging to me, but other than that, it was all in all a happy month for me, starting off the beginning of the year on a positive note.

February was a productive month more than anything else. I had exams, I started exercising more, and I bought and installed the beautiful template that is currently what I'm using for my blog. I was going through what I referred to as my "Mid-College Crisis" where I wanted to find some adventure to do to have some amazing memories from college. The highlight of my February was, surprisingly, Valentine's Day because I took it as a self care day where I really treated myself and watched a lot of my favorite movies.

I got pink eye. I got pink eye three separate times. On the plus side, I ended up using the entire bottle of eye drops that I had been given to treat pink eye. The best part of the month was getting my hair redyed with my mom when she came to visit for Spring Break. We did a day trip up to the nearest big city, and had a fun girls day out!

April was really crunch time for me when it came to my classes. I pushed every last bit of energy and focus into my classes. I didn't sleep very much, I chugged a lot of energy drinks, and I spent a lot of time wanting to throw my computer at a wall. The apartment I was living in had a wifi change that really through me through a loop on top of everything that was going on, and one of my guinea pigs back home had to go see our vet because he was in the early stages of a respiratory infection. My job really picked up because of so many of my coworkers calling in sick or being unwilling to cover shifts. I also had a lot of trouble with my horrible roommate in April. The only real bright spot in the month was the new Beauty and the Beast film, which I went and saw multiple times in the theater.

May was a really productive month for me, going through my final exams and starting working full time at my job for the summer. While working, I learned a new driving skill - backing into parking spaces. Which I was really proud of myself for learning. The highlight of the month was my awful roommate finally moving out and having the entire apartment to myself for the rest of May and for June! My favorite thing that I was able to do in the month of May was driving down to my hometown to surprise my family and to see my little brother graduate from high school.

June and July
These months were really packed for me. In June I started the transition to working in the front office at my job, my parents let me know that I would need to find a place to stay for July to get residency in the state I'm going to school in, and that I would have to re-home my guinea pigs while living in a different state. I decided to smuggle my guinea pigs to college. I moved from my previous apartment to a place I would live in for the month of July only, and then as soon as I had all of my things moved, I had to drive back to my hometown for Jury Duty where I ended up only packing up my childhood room because my parents were selling their house. I also met with my optometrist and found out that I was having an allergic reaction to my contact solution. Within these months I also met with the surgeon from my gall bladder removal and underwent a Scope to work out what was going on with my innards.

August was one with the most stability for me. I got moved into my new apartment with my new roommate, I was beginning a new relationship, and I had my two guinea pigs in tow. This was also the month that I was granted Residency for the state I'm going to school in, and started the first semester of my junior year feel more positive.

This month I first started taking care of a set of rabbits that were being used for a grad student's behavioral study, which I was really excited to be a part of! Exams, exams, and more exams coming up in the next few months. September brought a month's worth of working football games and living on energy drinks and leftovers to get by, which was exhausting. The highlight of the month was getting my guinea pigs officially approved to stay with my in my campus owned apartment, in addition to ordering quite a few books that I wanted to read. Fall is my favorite season, so with it starting in September I was pretty happy with the weather even though I was working so hard to get through everything.

There were quite a few changes that came about in my life in October. My work load increased because a lot of people quit so it was down to me and one other coworker to cover every shift that we could between classes, which were equally as demanding of my time. I realized that I wouldn't be able to take the internships being offered to students at my school because I wouldn't be able to travel away from my guinea pigs for very long periods of time. However, I was still helping with the behavioral study involving Rabbits which has been really enjoyable to me. I also had to come to terms with the fact that I'm double majoring and will take longer to get through school than others. The best part of my October were all of the new Netflix shows/movies that I was able to watch.

November was packed full of exams for me leading up to the week long break where I celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday and my 21st Birthday. I didn't really get any posts up in the month of November, but I had so much going on that this blog got put on the back burner. Throughout the month, I was basically only going between work and school, so there wasn't a whole lot going on outside of that to talk about.

I'll have my December 2017 overview going up at the beginning of January, so be sure to watch for it!

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