Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December 2017 Overview

Oh dear, I'm pretty late putting this post up! The very first post of the New Year, where one of my resolutions is to never miss a post, and I'm posting it later than usual! Today's been really packed for me, and although I planned I writing this up and posting it sooner, my time got away from me.

December started out with me finishing up my first semester of my third year at college. Basically, my brain was totally fried, and I was beyond ready to go home and start off the Winter Break by sleeping for almost a whole day. I had to work in the morning I was to drive home, and then I raced back to my apartment and loaded my guinea pigs into my car, and I started the drive back. My boys did great driving down, they didn't have any troubles! However, because they were in their travel cage (it's much smaller than what they're used to because I have a compact car so their regular enclosure doesn't fit) they started to get sick of being so crammed together. My dad helped me work out a nice place for them to be while we were there. I also brought my 2.5 gallon fish tank along with Phillip and Shellbert, and they did really great on the drive as well (Although Phillip was stressed at first, he calmed down quickly once we arrived and he got properly set up once more).

The beginning of the break began with frantic cleaning to get out of the house for showings (because my parents were trying to sell their house). One of the showings we were only given an hour of notice beforehand, and we were all away from the house! We had to rush back to get everything cleaned and tucked away, and then we had to get out of there with all the pets (not including the fish) to wait until the showing was done.

However, after a long time of trying to sell, my parents finally sold their house on the 19th of December, and shortly after they put an offer on a new house and were able to purchase it. This meant that we no longer had to frantically clean and hide all evidence of us living there for showings, but we still had to leave frequently for the various inspections that happen with selling a house. At this point I'm really looking forward to not having to hide away everything for strangers to come walking through and judging everything. I'm also really looking forward to houses, and everything involved with buying and selling houses, being the ONLY topic of conversation my parents choose.

I spent a lot of time with my grandma, who I love dearly, watching Hallmark movies that she recorded and saved to watch with me while I was home for the break. I also went on many trips to the pet store to get various things for my fish as well as for my guinea pigs.

The biggest mishap was Phillip getting a fungal infection, and having to  rush to get the correct medication to treat him. So far he is doing a lot better, which I owe partly to how quickly I noticed the change and began treatment for him. I'm a little worried about making the drive back to school with him, since he's been through so much and is obviously lacking in health, however I'm hopeful that he will be perfectly okay in the end.

Christmas was amazing, and I was really happy with the things that I received! I'm planning on doing a post about the things that I got for Christmas after I've returned to school and have my good camera again. I was mostly happy to get to spend so much time laying around and eating good food with my family, in addition to seeing them all open and love their presents that they were receiving!

Throughout the entire month, I did my best to try to recover from the school year, and to get a better grasp on everything. I don't necessarily think that I succeeded, but I'm starting off this year feeling pretty hopeful!

I'll go back to school this Saturday, and then my second semester and work starts up on Monday! I'm honestly looking forward to this semester, however I'm not particularly excited to be going back to work... I guess we'll see how it goes.

Happy New Year! I'll see you on Thursday.

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