Thursday, January 11, 2018

My Daith Piercing

It's happened! My piercing "collection" has increased by one more. 

On Saturday the 6th, I spent basically the entire morning in my car driving back to school. I listened to a lot of really great musicals that I love to help the time go by quicker, and I stopped in the bigger towns along the way to stretch and check on my boys. 

After getting back to my apartment and unloading all of my things and getting my boys back in their usual enclosure, which they were really happy about, my friend picked me up and we headed over to our regular piercer! When we went in, my friend knew what it was that she wanted, but I had no idea... So of course I went first! 

I sat in the chair, and I thought about my options and what I thought would look the best with the direction of my piercer. 

I wanted some more pizzazz on my right ear because my inverted bar is so jazzy on my left ear! After a few minutes of thought, I decided on getting my Daith pierced! I thought that it would take up some of the empty space on my ear, and it would add the much needed pizzazz that I was looking for! I also think that it adds some symmetry to my right ear because it adds some focus on the middle on middle of my ear instead of just the top or bottom of my ear.

Keeping up with the past posts about my piercings... Here's a quickly snapped photo from my phone!

I'm really head over heels for this piercing, it's by far my best piercing experience so far. Now.. I've had an awesome time with my other piercings, but this one was especially good.

This particular piercing hasn't hurt AT ALL!! It hurt when the needle initially went in, but it didn't when the jewelry was put in, and it hasn't hurt at all after the fact. I was able to sleep on that side, on that ear, the same day that I got it pierced without any issues. I've been able to wear my headphones without any issues. And it's barely bled or been "crusty" like my previous piercings.

I've also noticed that I actually forget that I have it! Granted, part of that is because it's new, but I haven't had any residual pain or issues that would make me much more aware of it being there. The only times that I really think about it are when I'm checking it out in a mirror, when someone compliments me on it, or when I'm cleaning it.

Even though I didn't have it planned ahead of time, I seriously love this piercing! It's been the best/easiest piercing that I've gotten!

As always... I already have a plan for which piercing I want to get next! My first two were planned, my most recent two were unplanned, my next one will be planned. I'm super pumped about it already, but I'll have to wait until this one is less fresh to be able to go back in for new piercing. So stay tuned for the next segment of my piercing saga in another post in the future!

I'll see you on Tuesday!

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