Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My Pets - An Update

As promised, here is an update on all of my pets! I've currently got the smallest amount of pets that I think I've ever had in my life.. But I absolutely love them! Now, this update doesn't include the 20 gallon fish tank that I have back at my parent's house or my family dog. This is just an update on the pets that I have with my at school. If you have any questions about them be sure to let me know!

This is Pepe, he's my big handsome guinea pig. He's about 5 or 6 years old, so he'd really getting up there age wise for a guinea pig. Not too long ago I mentioned that he had given me a bit of a health scare. One morning I woke up and his breathing was really really bad. I immediately thought that it was a respiratory infection, which he has had once before. I contacted various people, and vet students, and got their opinions on it, but after a few hours, his breathing returned to normal. I added some Bene-Bac to his food to help give him a probably much needed boost, and since then he's returned to totally normal behavior and breathing! I've been keeping a really close eye on him to make sure that as soon as anything changes I'll know about it and be able to take him to a vet right away. He's still very food motivated, and he absolutely loves his floor time because he likes to see what he can get away with chewing before I notice.

Hamilton is my other handsome guinea pig. He's about 1 or 2 years old, and he takes a while to warm up to people but once he has you'll never meet a kinder guinea pig! I don't have a whole lot to update you on about Hamilton, because he's very consistent and sweet. I recently discovered that he seriously loves cucumber to the point of taking slices of cucumber away from Pepe! Hamilton is secretly really mischievous, and he somehow gets into everything that he's not supposed to, so I have to keep a close eye on him whenever he's out and about for some floor time!

Phillip. In a previous post I let you guys know that Phillip had gotten a fungal infection, and I had started treating him for it right away. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, he did not make it. At the time, I kept thinking that I should've done more, and that I should've noticed sooner, but in reality I wouldn't have known he had the fungal infection earlier than I did, and I wouldn't have been able ot do more than the treatment that I was doing. 

I can't remember whether or not I updated about Jimmy? But I wanted to do a quick update to make sure that you guys knew what was going on. Back in August of last year, when I first moved into my current apartment, I set up my fish tank first thing! Then at some point between then and when my roommate moved in on that Saturday, he disappeared. I have no idea where he ended up! It's only about a 2.5 gallon tank, so it's not like he had a whole bunch of places to hide out. There's a pond outside of my apartment, so I sometimes joke that he ditched me to go live in the pond, even though I know that's most likely what happened. 

So, with only Shellbert left in my little college fish tank, I went to the pet store to get a new betta fish. However, because of the timing, all of the betta fish were sold out everywhere in my town and the next town over! So I decided to go for a different kind of fish! I got two Zebra Danios, and I absolutely adore them. I named them Quasimodo and Esmeralda, keeping up with the disney themed name of my college fish tank fish. I couldn't get a very clear photo of them, so I took a short video instead so that you've be able to see what they look like a lot better.

 All of my pets are doing really well, and I love having them and taking care of them! At the moment, they're all I have! There's the potential of another guinea pig in my future, but at this point there's nothing set in stone yet, but of course as soon as I know I'll be sure to update you all.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll see you on Thursday!

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