Thursday, March 29, 2018

Nail Stamping Haul

Back at the end of January and into February, I fell down the beautiful rabbit hole that is Simply Nailogical videos... Although I am not as talented when it comes to nail art and the use of nail vinyls, I'm pretty good at doing nail stamping (which is actually something that Cristine doesn't like very much). So I went online and did a big order of nail products that I was super excited to get and use!

This is the Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Barrier, which I've seen nail artists use but wasn't totally sold on before watching a bunch of Simply Naiogical videos. I haven't totally gotten the hang of it yet but so far it's saved me a lot of time, and has saved my cuticals from large amounts of nail polish remover. It's easy to apply, it dries quickly, and it is easy to remove. A big plus is that it peels off in one big piece, which is extremely satisfying.

For the nail stamping, one of the sets of plates that I bought came with a dual sided clear stamper and a scraper. I already had a stamper and scraper from a previous set that I had, but I actually have come to prefer the clear stamper becuase it's much easier to apply the stamps onto my nails how I want. The scrapter that came with this set works but I wouldn't say that it works better than the scraper I already have. I think that if this was your only scraper it would work fine, but it does bend which makes it harder to get a clean scrape in the nail plate.

Now on to the beautiful nail stamping plates that I got! First of all, the packaging that they came in was beyond beautiful! I almost felt bad opening them to get the plates out becuase they were so cute. I did my best to take photos of each of the plates so that you could see that patterns that I chose. I tried to go for more full nail patterns rather than french tip or smaller individual shapes just because I personally like the look and have an easier time applying full nail patterns. I've tried a few different brands of nail stamping plates, and I personally prefer the Born Pretty brand. The patterns are amazing, there's so much variety, and they all translate really well onto the nail.

Where did I get these? (Links)

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