Thursday, March 22, 2018

VNYL Subscription - Month 1

Back in December, I was given a record player for Christmas! I love it, but having only a christmas album and a musical wasn't cutting it for me. I combed through the internet a bit to see what records I might want and how much they cost and whether or not I wanted them when comparing them to the cost. Everntually, on my Instagram account, a sponsored post for Vnyl popped up, and I was totally interested in signing up. 

Vnyl is basically a subscription service that curates records for you based on your music taste and a "Vibe" based on some playlists that they've creadted that you choose at the beginning of every month. They have different subscription options depending on how many months you want to receive records. I signed up for the 3 records a month for 3 months, which was $99, and I chose my first vibe, which was "2020 Vision" and entered in music that I love and some of my favorite artists. 

Now, $99 may seem like a lot to spend on 9 records, but it's actually a great deal! Purchasing individul records can cost at least $20-30 per record! And this is a good way to get introduced to new artists! The best part is that you get to keep all of the records that you're sent forever and ever. They also have records for sale that you can purchase and have sent in addition to your three records if you want a specific album and they have it.

The only downside was the amount of time that shipping took, given that I chose standard shipping. At one point I questioned when it would actually arrive, but when it did I was overjoyed with what I got

The records come in beautiful pink packaging with a tear strip on one end to open it up.

The package opens with a sort of flap, and inside I got some stickers, a note, a cover sheet that contained the released dates for some other albums, and an actually handwritten note before getting to the records themselves. 

I absilutely loved that the note was really handwritten, and that it was specifically talking about the records that were chosen for me this first month. I was a little bit aprehensive at first, because the only one I had heard of previously was Sia, but as soon as I listened to them I knew that they had picked the perfect records for me!

Where they were going off of the music that I said that I liked and the vibe that I picked, I can tell that they really take the time to pick records that I'll actually love, which is what makes me so excited to continue to recieve more of these. They didn't just send me albums from artists I already said that I liked, they instead found new artists that are now my favorites. 

Two Vines by Empire of the Sun
1000 Forms if Fear by Sia
The Alter by Banks

If you have a record player, I would 100% recommend this service! They also make a great gift - they have a whole section that allows you to gift the subscription service on their website. So far, the only potential downside could be the time that it takes for shipping, but there is the option for faster shipping if you're willing to pay a little extra. 

What do you think about this service? Would you sign up? Let me know! I'll see you on Tuesday

**This post was not sponsored, I purchased the subscription with my own money and found the company via a suggested post on social media.

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