Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March 2018 Overview

March was really rough. I was missing from this blog from the first few weeks of March because I needed to take some time for myself and to focus on some things that have been going on in my life.

I did have the totaly pleasure of having my mom come for a the beginning of my Spring Break, and even though we sadly didn't go to Canada, we had a really great time. We watched some movies, ate a lot of food, did some shopping, and overall really enjoyed each other's company!

On the last day my mom was visiting, we went and I got 4-5 inches of my hair cut off! My hair is into a supre cute bob, which I'm excited about going into the spring and summer. I have thought about going back to dying it, but I haven't really gone for it yet... Haha I'll be sure to update you if I do. I still have some of the bleached stripes from when I had the pink in my hair, but I think that if I was going to redye it I wouldn't go for those same stripes.

One of the main things in March that was really pivital for me was having more similar hours with the guy that I was previously dating who works in my same office. He had broken up with me over text one night and I was really shattered for a long time, but I didn't see him at all after the breakup until those few weeks in March. I found that I got this anger rather than being sad or feeling like I needed to try to look or be a certain way to try to "win him back". I realized looking back on the relatuionship that he didn't treat me well, and that a lot of the things that I felt in the relationship weren't what I wanted in a relationship. This was really pivital for me becuase it defined more specifically what I want in a significant other, and that this particular previous significant other of mine wasn't on my level.

Throughout the month of March I did a lot of planning for this upcoming Summer, where I'll be living, when I'll be going back to my home town, and whether or not I'll be trying to get an internship. I have really high hopes for the summer, and for the potential that I think it has to be really great even though I'll mostly be working.

I also set a goal for myself to be a bit healthier. I got myself a FitBit, so I'm much more aware of my activity level (or really my lack of activity), so I've been doing more to pay attention to my steps and heart rate in my every day life and not just during the athletic class that I'm taking this semester. I've also got high hopes of this playing a role in how my summer goes. More hiking, more exploring, more steps!

For the most part I took March as a self-care month for myself. I needed time to go through some things, and I took that time in addition to realizing some things about myself and deciding to focus on my own health and education in a way I haven't been previously. 

How was your March? 
I'll see you on Thursday!

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