Thursday, April 19, 2018

My New Cartilage Piercing

It's been a few months! My last piercing was back in January... Well I actually got two piercings in the month of January, which is why I had to wait to get anything new. I went in to see my piercer after days of saying that I was going to, and he let me know that my daith is still going through the healing process, but he could add something to my other ear while my daith finished healing. 

When I walked in, I had no idea what I was going to get! I wanted something exciting, but at the same time I thought maybe going for a second lobe piercing, or an inner helix piercing. After talking with my piercer, I decided on a new cartilage piercing!

My piercer said that my ear had a natural indented spot that would be perfect for a cartilage piercing, and I requested a hoop rather than a stud for this particular one. I absolutly love it! I think that it looks really good with the other piercings that I have on that ear!

I did better than a quick snap on my phone this time, so hopefully you get a much better look at my ear this way!

This piercing had the same pain level as my other two cartilage piercings and my tragus. It hurt, but it was tolerable, and it stopped hurting shortly after I got it pierced. I haven't been able to sleep on that side yet, but that's kind of to be expected with a fresh piercing.

So I'm currently taking extra good care of my daith and this new cartilage piercing, with the hope that my daith will finish healing up so I can get a specfic piercing in my right ear! There's a particular one my piercer said he'd be able to do in that ear, and I'm all for it, so I'm hoping my daith finishes healing up quickly!!

My Cartilage Piercings
My Inverted Industrial Bar
My Daith Piercing
My Tragus Piercing

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