Tuesday, April 17, 2018

VNYL Subscription - Month 2

I finally got my second month of currated records, and I'm really excited to share it with you! I signed up for this subscription back in February and I got my first set of three records in March (you can check out that post HERE) and I loved all three. I was really excited to get this second month and see what else they picked out for me.

For this particular month, I chose the vunly playlist "Bling Training" for my Vibe, and I don't think they let me down at all!

Just like they sent with the previous month's subscription, a really nice handwritten note about the records! Haha I didn't have sticky notes on hand so I used a piece of a ripped kleenex to cover my name on the note, seeing as I'm an anonymous blogger. 

It also came with two new stickers! Which I was so excited about that I had already stuck them in my planner prior to taking photos for this post... Haha

So these are the three albums that I got this month! 
Outside (Briefly) by Froth
Parallel Lines by Gates
Go Down in History by Four Year Strong

I don't really know how to describe these three albums... All I can really think to say is that I really like them, they fit the vibe that I had chosen, and they fit the types of music that I love!

Once again, VNYL hit the nail on the head with the perfect, hand picked records for me to enjoy.

What do you think about these records, and about VNYL? I'd love to know if you have some music recommendations for me as well!

I'll see you on Thursday

**This post was not sponsored, I purchased the subscription with my own money and found the company via a suggested post on social media.

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